Levain Bakery’s Cookies Are Simply The Best

Date May 5, 2008

Levain Bakery’s cookies ($3.75 each) are simply the best. I’ve said it before and after eating at least 2 every week for the past month, I’m saying it again. Levain’s chocolate chip walnut cookie is the best I’ve ever had. Unlike most of my other “best claims”, I can’t imagine this one will be topped. They’re even more amazing when warm so ask for them to be tossed back in the oven for a few seconds or do it yourself at home. Below you’re looking at a Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookie crowning a Chocolate Chip Walnut. I imagine every meal in heaven starts and begins with cookies from Levain.

21 Responses to “Levain Bakery’s Cookies Are Simply The Best”

  1. VeggieGirl said:

    those cookies are totally drool-worthy.

  2. Lil NYC Food Guy said:

    I agree. I had one when it was a week and a half old and it was still the best cookie ive ever had. The price is a little steep for one cookie, but it is huge and definitely worth it. After that first bite of warm chocolately deliciousness, you forget completely about the $3.75 that isn’t in your pocket anymore.

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Veggie Girl

    You said it sister. I couldn’t agree more.

    Lil NYC Food Guy,

    Ditto dude. These cookies have so much butter in them, I think they’d be good a month later. I disagree that the price is a little steep. It sounds bad when you first hear it but once you get that 6 ounce cookie in your hands and destroy it, you realize you’d probably have spent $5 for it. Let’s hope Levain doesn’t take that idea to heart.

  4. Dan said:

    Hands down best cookies ever. They’re the only cookies I dream about… probably because I have their postcard hanging on the wall next to my bed. That’s how good they are. Chocolate Chip Walnut is definitely the way to go.

  5. the real cookie monster said:

    the chocolate cookie with chocolate chips is by far better than the other two cookies you feature here. these are the best fuckin cookies i’ve ever had too, but why not pic of the double-chocolate? wtf?

  6. The NYC Food Guy said:


    You must wake up hungry. I have that same postcard, doesn’t do justice to the cookies.

    Cookie Monster,

    Sorry Mr Monster, I’ll try to get up double chocolate pic up asap, it’s so rich and decadent and the choc. chip walnut is so good, I haven’t been able to justify getting the double chocolate in a while. Maybe it’s time for a change. Keep your eyes peeled.

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  8. Celestialnyc said:

    You know what would go great with that chocolate chip walnut cookie? MAYO! j/k!! I saw smother it with nutella and whipcream and smush it together with haagan daz vanilla icre cream.

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Wow. That sounds amazing. I don’t think you need the nutella or whipped cream though, just the cookies and ice cream. Which cookies and flavor would you use?

  10. Bill said:

    Does anyone know what Levain’s hours are? I didn’t see anything listed on their website.

  11. The NYC Food Guy said:


    All I know is that they close at 7pm. Check out NYMag.com’s listing.

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  13. Ashley Fisher said:

    Went to the bakery in East Hampton tonight- didn’t realize it’s cash only- and the baker gave me my order of a half dozen for free. She said to get them next time. That stuff doesn’t happen anymore and thought I’d share :).

    Bill- (The one in East Hampton closes at 5.)

  14. stephen watkins said:

    do you have mail orders please!!!! can you order online.

  15. Michelle said:

    If you think Levain’s cookies are good, you must try the “Chip Off Your Shoulder” chocolate chip cookie from http://www.giftscouture.com—I have never tasted anything like them. There’s just the right amount of chocolate chips, walnuts and coconut in each bite! I am craving them now! I sware by them!

  16. Goodtimeguy said:

    There has been a wave of new bakeries/pastisseries, Ladybird in Soho (old Vesuvio bakery space),( classic thinner style CC with nice crusty edge and solid amount of chips- the new Payard that re-opened on Houston, ( for a place the does all things pastry, terrible CC cookies) Village Tart that started strong, (now closed) of course must mention Insomnia Cookies on 8th street who brilliantly market the warm cookie, I found the flavor akin to premade Tollhouse dough, but when already warm, who really cares.
    And Yet- Levain crushes them all!! Hands down. Foodguy, what took you so long? For years this place has stood as a Mecca of the cookie. Nothing else even nips at their heels. Only in fairness will I permit myself to say that there just might be some people out there who want a thinner, slightly crunchier form, maybe a bit simplier in it’s presentation… But I think they have it all, moist, buttery, thick as a pastrami on rye, and yet balanced betwen gooey and firm. The Best.

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  18. root said:

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  19. Big Boss Grill said:

    Went to the bakery in East Hampton tonight- didn’t realize it’s cash only- and the baker gave me my order of a half dozen for free. She said to get them next time. That stuff doesn’t happen anymore and thought I’d share 🙂 .

    Bill- (The one in East Hampton closes at 5.)

  20. Stasia Mirarchi said:

    Gotta learn more about this. How can I contact you?

  21. Karen Patrick said:

    These cookies look like they are a pinnacle of perfection! This is exactly what I like: big, fat, chewy cookie like the kind I see at bakeries and specialty shops.

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