NYC Food Guy on Cool in Your’s “Code Words”

Date April 8, 2008

As if being the NYC Food Guy isn’t cool enough, now I get to be Cool in Your Code’s food guru in their newest online column, “Code Words“. Cool in Your Code is a great show on NYCTV which breaks down what’s cool, new, undiscovered and different throughout NYC’s 200+ zip codes. I’ll be holding down the food while teaming up with other New Yorkers in the know who will give you the low down on fashion finds, artistic creations, and ways to improve your life.

You’ll now be able to find NYC Food Guy’s honest and delicious reviews at and on Get on over there right now and check it out, they’re sporting Part 1 of my East Village Food Tour.

4 Responses to “NYC Food Guy on Cool in Your’s “Code Words””

  1. Lil NYC Food Guy said:

    my brother got himself a column on another website…this shits blowin uppp

  2. Dan said:

    congrats cuz!

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Thanks Fellas. Right now I’m sharing content with them, as in you’ll see a lot of my NYC Food Guy posts on their site as well. We’ll see what happens. It’s fun getting the name out though.

  4. Janine said:

    As Dave would say, Good for you! That’s very cool.

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