NYC Food Guy Recommends… French Fries

Date March 28, 2008

French Fries. They’re NYC Food Guy’s guiltiest pleasure. That being said, only a few places in the city really do something special with our potatoey friends. I’m a purist at heart but I can’t turn down fries slathered in melted cheese or chili or both. I’m here to direct you to a few spots who exemplify French fries at their finest…


Read on for some of the greasiest, crispiest, heart-stoppingest, and most delicious French Fries this city as to offer…

Virgil’s Real Barbecue

Trainwreck Fries ($10.50)

152 W. 44th St., New York, NY 10036
nr. Broadway
(212) 921-9494

These are the most delicious cheese fries I’ve ever had. They’re covered in monterey jack, cheddar, crispy pieces of bacon, and sliced jalapenos. It’s served covered in some excellent buttermilk ranch dressing, but I order it on the side because I don’t like hot ranch dressing. I recommend you do the same. Served on a hot skillet, these fries are best when dipped in some ranch and then some ketchup. Go to Times Square, spend the money, and follow up with some of the best Banana Pudding I’ve ever eaten.


BBQ Chili Cheese Fries ($8.50)


208 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10011
nr. Seventh Ave.
(212) 524-4300

These are the messiest and probably best chili cheese fries I’ve ever had. The medium cut, skin on fries are strong enough to hold the weight of the many chunks of tender brisket and glops of melted cheddar. I’m not usually a fan of this kind of generic melted cheese but it works in this case and is definitely worth the price.


Price $5

153 E 53rd St, New York 10022
At 3rd Ave
378 Park Ave S, New York 10010
Btwn 26th & 27th St

Houston’s is one of my favorite restaurants. It’s a chain so that may sound like a cop out, but they consistently put out excellent and delicious food. These fries are thin, crispy shoestrings dusted with salt and pepper. They’re irresistible. I have never once finished the serving next to my burger or ribs and not wanted more fries. I’ve always been scrounging for the crumbs and last little bits, they’re that good. Houston’s Burger, Ribs, Artichoke dip appetizer, and Warm 5-Nut Brownie Sundae are also amazing, each one good enough to warrant a spot on the plate of my last meal.

Pommes Frites

Regular $4 Large $6.25 Double $7.75 plus 34 sauces according to website


123 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003
nr. 7th St.
(212) 674-1234

Delivering on their name, these fries are true to the Frites form. Thick cut and potatoey, they’re crisp on the outside, and hot and fluffy on the inside. Choose from one of what seems like a million sauces and you’re good to go. I had honey mustard and was pleased. The best thing about this place is that they’re open until 4AM on weekends making them a must stop after some East Village gallivanting.

Market Table

NYC Food Guy review

Price $7


54 Carmine St., New York, NY 10014
at Bedford St.
(212) 255-2100

Market Table is a swanky little spot, not the type of place you go to for just fries, but if you wanted to you could sit at the bar and munch on these crispy, seasoned bad boys. I’d ditch the cocktail sauce they serve them with and get some ketchup. These were crisp, potatoey, and overall perfect.



NYC Food Guy Review

72 W. 69th St., New York, NY 10023
nr. Columbus Ave.
(212) 580-4300

You’re looking at the “Volcano”. Use your imagination and you can see why. It’s a volcano of onion rings shooting flashes of deep-fried potato all over your plate. Fancier than Market Table, Telepan only serves their meals in a prix fixe form so ordering a volcano to go is not an option. Either way these fries were delicious. They were crispy and addictive. I think they were a little too small for optimum dipping but I would be as bold as to forgo the onion volcano in lieu of more fries.

The Spotted Pig

Price $7


314 W. 11th St., New York, NY 10014
at Greenwich St.
(212) 620-0393

Crisp and matchstick thin, these fries are addictive and plentiful. Rosemary is interspersed within this massive clump of fried potato, hindering full enjoyment. After all, I don’t want to eat leaves with my French Fries. Either way, you have to check this place out just to see what all the fuss is about. Burger purists beware, the famed burger comes with stinky, soft Roquefort cheese, something I can’t develop a taste for.

The Smith

Price $5


55 Third Ave., New York, NY 10003
nr. 11th St.
(212) 420-9800

I ordered these fries well done and the kitchen delivered. I’d probably pass on that however when you order because these arrived so crispy the potato dried up and all I could taste was burnt fried. My friend ordered them normal however and although they’re quite standard, they were cooked perfectly and I’d consider them a fancy diner style fry.

Ziggiz – CLOSED

Price $2.00


333 Third Ave., New York, NY 10010
nr. 25th St.
(212) 683-3663

This location is closed. This Gramercy grease pit serves humongous orders of double-fried skin-on shoestrings that are the quintessential late night delicacy. Open until 3AM during the week and 5AM on weekends, NYC Food Guy implores you to get over there and try what I think are arguably the best fries in this entire city.

58 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Recommends… French Fries”

  1. Janine said:

    Hey NYCFoodGuy– have you tried the frites at BXL in Times Square (43rd btwn 6th and 7th)? They are incredibly good…

  2. Celestialnyc said:

    NYC FoodGuy-

    Wow…great review on nyc finest. Honestly..when you stepped on the scale this morning…how much weight did you gain? lol..j/k

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:


    What is BXL? I’ve never heard of it? I’m obviously going to have to check it out.


    You asked for the fried stuff you got it!

    What are both of your top fries in the city?

  4. DDR said:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty good…Very thorough.
    Telepan’s onion rings look undercooked. The batter looks almost raw. Dégoûtant!

  5. Lil NYC Food Guy said:

    Seeing as I can’t remember a day where I haven’t had french fries at least once, I figured I’d throw my two cents in on this issue. Plus, they’ve been my favorite food for as long as I can remember, and I was with NYC Food Guy for alot of these reviews.

    As far as the Virgils Trainwreck fries go, they are by far the best cheese fries I’ve ever had. I know that was said before, but I’m pretty sure I was the one who said it in the first place so I’d say it again. Sorry to steal your thunder brotha.

    To give you some of that thunder back, I’m gonna talk about Ziggiz. Introduced to this late night joint by the food guy, I’ve been drooling at the mouth ever since. The food itself is pretty good, but the fries impress me every time. To discredit the “drunchies” theory, I’ve been there many times sober and have felt the same exact way. I make many trips into the city from Long Island to visit my brother, and although I pretend its to see him, its just to get some Ziggiz. Sorry man. I sit at my computer at school at least once a week looking at the pics NYC Food Guy put up of them just so I can ease my Ziggiz-withdrawal pains. They really are that good.

    DDR- I’m not sure if you remember but we exchanged some words in the past on midtown lunch. I’d like to take part of this comment to apologize. I felt it necessary to defend my brothers honor from what appeared to be some random internet blogger ripping on him. I might have made some “immature” comments, but afterall it is the internet, and if I can’t make rude outlandish comments with zero repercussions then I don’t even want to look at it anymore. I’m sorry if I offended you, as you seem to be a loyal NYC Food Guy spectator who has a lot of opinions that I agree with. I know NYC Food Guy writes great reviews, but that superman shirt and undone tie couldn’t have been that bad if you turned out being a consistent commentor. Keep up the good work.

  6. DDR said:

    OK, Lil’ Man. No problem.

    I do want to say that I just went back and re-read your comment on this blog’s thread on the Cottage, where you said you “still hate me for making fun of your brother on midtownlunch.”

    For the record, there were plenty of derogatory comments about your bro’s profile on midtown lunch, but none of them were mine.

    Anywho, let’s move on in the spirit of food-love, bargaineering, and all things fried.

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Wow, all this food love is bringing a tear to my eye. I may need some Trainwreck fries to bring me back down to earth.

  8. DDR said:

    I see from a prior post that the Telepan O-rings actually have a “tempura-like” batter, which accounts for the pale color. I take it back – that sounds pretty, pretty, pretty tasty.

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Yes, I was going to clarify but got caught up at work. Good recon DDR.

    They’re super crispy though, not as wafer like as Tempura. Another plus is that the onion doesn’t slide out on first bite. They’re almost too crisp though, nearly shattering when you bite in.

    Any good food adventures lately DDR?

  10. DDR said:

    Indus Valley on the UWS (excellent), Henry’s End in BK Heights (unique spot with very good game, and while there we were filmed for the local news’s “Neighborhood Eats” segment and we were featured on the “restaurant news” segment of every taxi in NYC for about 2 weeks – no kidding!). Also Chickpea (slightly better’n crap) and 67 Burger (we need one in Manhattan!)

  11. DDR said:

    Forgot to add that 67 Burger’s sweet potato fries are the best I’ve ever had. Don’t know how I forgot to add that as a comment to a french fry post, but there you have it.

  12. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I’ve heard good things about 67 burger. Im going to get out to Brooklyn and try that bad boy. How are the regular fries? It’s going to be on showcase at the Burger Battle of the Boroughs so we’ll see if it meets the marks.

  13. DDR said:

    Didn’t try the regular fries at 67 Burger, but I have never had such good sweet potato fries. Crisp and salty, but still a very fresh, sweet starchiness.
    67 Burger is good. I don’t know if it’s the best.

    Still have to try Ol’ George Keeley’s version.

  14. DDR said:

    O, and also Pam Real Thai Encore is some of the best Thai food I’ve had. Ok, posting flurry over.

  15. Janine said:

    BXL is a Belgian beerhouse/bar with a great selection of beers and some surprisingly good Belgian food. I reiterate, the fries are really really good (served with mayo though… you have to ask for ketchup separately!). Definitely check it out– it’s our go-to after-work bar.

    DDR– I love Pam Real Thai. So good, and so cheap.

  16. The NYC Food Guy said:

    George Keely’s sweet potato fries or George Keely’s burger? It’s good but it’s pretty standard. I know I called it the best UWS pub burger, and it’s massive size and the huge amount of fries given with, definitely validate it, but put it up against a restaurant burger like 67 or B’Klyn Diner and it pales in comparison.

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:


    BXL is the next stop. It doesn’t seem like a place that would be in Times Square. Sounds good though. NYC Food Guy likes fries!

    “Scotty likes beans, dont you Scotty?”

    Props to anyone who can tell me where that’s from.

  18. veronica vaughn said:

    billy madison, fool…………….Thaat iiis cerRRECT

  19. o'doyle said:

    gee, i can’t wait til i get to hike school

  20. o'doyle said:

    gee, i can’t wait til i get to hike school

  21. Beef Strokenoff said:

    hmmm I believe that’s Billy Madison, right?

    So is Lil NYC Food Guy your real-life brother? My inclination is to say yes, he is. It seems like the two of you have something in common (other than a passionate love for food)……DDR.

    DDR – in all honesty, what is wrong with you?

    Now in regards to fries, can we talk about Jackson Hole and give them the award for the worst fries ever (delivery)? I ask for them extra crispy every friggin’ time but nope…. soggy. More soggy than the cookie would be if you played ookie cookie with Peter North.

    -Beef Strokenoff

  22. The Real DDR said:

    Lawrence – care to remove the moronic, homosexual-obsessed rantings of the douchebag posing as me? Thanks.

  23. no way said:

    if the owner of this blog removed every moronic post, most of the retarded stuff that comes out of your mouth would have to be deleted DDR.

    also, is that really your boyfriend? he’s cute…too much tongue though, i like softer kisses..

  24. jeff franceour said:

    likes french fries…because franceours french

  25. Miss Menu said:

    DDR – Honestly, I’m shocked. I always thought of you as the nice, intelligent, handsome, heterosexual man of my dreams. Then, I click on a link of you and your boyfriend and I almost had a heart attack. That picture is disgusting and has no business being posted on a food blog. Not only should you not be taking errotic photos such as that one, but you most definitely should not be posting it on the internet, you sicko.

    I guess when they say “when something is too good to be true, it usually is”, they were directly referring to me and you being together forever.

    -Miss Menu

  26. The NYC Food Guy said:

    “miss menu”???

    Nice spelling on erotic there. Maybe you were a little too excited about that photo to concentrate…

  27. Eli Manning said:

    is francoeur really french?

  28. not the real DDR said:

    i like women slathered in franks red-hot

  29. mr menu? said:

    any relation to miss menu?

  30. frenchy said:

    french fries are my crack. i like french fries like tyrone biggums likes crack.

    cracka ass crackas

  31. Mr Menu said:

    i have relations with eli manning…

  32. jesse said:

    this is one of the funniest threads i’ve ever seen. i love french fries too!

  33. Bill said:

    Love the list! I’ve only been to Pommes Frites from your list and I loved it. Big fan of the Mango Chutney mayo. My faves in the city are Sarge’s Delicatessen on 3rd Ave bet. 36th and 37th. Thick crinkle cut in the style of Nathan’s and a good potato flavor to boot. Love Nathan’s too, but only from Surf and Stillwell. The franchises just aren’t the same. I thin the best “frites style” that I have ever had are from Les Halles on John Street in Lower Manhattan. Always crispy, never greasy, just the right amount of salt and very addicting. Zaitzeff on William St (off of John St) make a great combo off regular and sweet potato fries with the skin on that are just great.

  34. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Wow. Let the Nathan’s talk begin. Coney Island Nathan’s is hot dog heaven. My perfect meal: 2 Chili Cheese Dogs, a large fries, well done, and a large selzter because when that summer sun is shining down you need something to neutralize the grease bomb you just devoured. I’m getting pumped for summer just thinking about Nathan’s.

    Les Halles does have great fries. I had them on Park Ave and 27th, quality.

    I’ve seen the Zaitzeff sweet potato/regular combo. I regret not trying it when I went, you can see my review here. I also messed up by not getting my bun toasted. I want to try it over at their new spot 18 Avenue B.

    Sarge’s is great too not only for fries but for staying open 24 hours. Way underrated.

    Bill thanks for the comprehensive comment. Keep up the good work. Are you a burger man? Any top spots?

  35. Bill said:

    Ahhh, yes!! I do love a good burger. I think my favorite is Five Guys. I’ve been hitting the one on 55th bet. 5th and 6th and I just love that a well done burger can still be juicy. It’s not exactly pretty as it gets squished down, but I like it that way. they do have good fries, but they can lose their crispness in the paper bag (but I drown them in malt vinegar, so what do I care?).

    Big fan of the Shack Burger at Shake Shack. Small patty similar to Blue 9 Burger, another one I really like (although I think Blue 9 is now offering salads and smoothies, a possible “jump the shark” move). I’ve never wanted ketchup anywhere near their burgers. Just good, fresh beefy flavor.

    Love Island Burger on 9th Ave, bet. 51st and 52nd. Don’t get them any more than medium or they’ll be dry. The topping are a huge part, but the burger is solid.

    I like Zaitzeff on William St. too. Really juicy sirloin burgers, although I’m not sure if I’m, sold on the Portugese muffins.

    Chelsea Grill on 9th Ave and 47th(?) and Burgers and Cupcakes put out some really big, juicy burgers.

  36. The NYC Food Guy said:


    You’re speaking my language dude. Five Guys fries dipped in the malt vinegar. I’m all about that. I actually dip in ketchup and malt. You’re right about the lack of crispness, but that’s how they always are, regardless of time in the paper bag. It has to be a result of the peanut oil, that or they just don’t get enough fry time. I can deal with it though and I usually go Cajun style.

    When it comes to the ketchup talk, however, we’re on different plateaus. I’m all about it. Not too much on the burger, but definitely some on every bite.

    I still haven’t had a burger from Island Burger. Something about them not having fries always turns me off to the idea. Chips is not enough. I’ve had their chicken sandwiches though; damn good. What kind of bread do you get with the burger there? Which burger do you get?

    Zatizeff, I’m going to have to try again. I wasn’t impressed during my first visit. I’ve decided the muffin has to be toasted.

    Chelsea Grill, you’re correct about the location, I’ve only had once by delivery from the Chelsea branch. It was alright. Not great. But delivery burgers are another breed. It was a beaster though, I’ll admit.

    What’s on your burger to do list?

    Here’s mine right now, any additions?

    67 Burger in Brooklyn
    Dumont Burger in Brooklyn
    Old Town Bar
    Keen’s Steakhouse
    Blue 9 Burger (I need to give it another try)
    Union Square Cafe
    Back Forty
    18 Avenue B (Zaitzeff 2)
    Westville (portugese muffin)
    Alexandra (west village)
    Ruby’s (NoLita)
    City Burger

  37. Bill said:

    I just had Zaitzeff tonight and got the muffin toasted. It was okay, but I’m not a huge fan of it. I do like the burger though. Always juicy. I had it medium with ketchup, grilled onions and cheddar. I wish they had other bun options though. Delivery really is a different animal though. I think some sort of alchemy is going on in the bag that robs the food of “something” and the experience would be that much better if I ate it there. I do love the ketchup, but lately I’ve been trying to get burgers without, tasting the meat, then applying as necessary.

    I haven’t had the churrascos at Island Burger yet. On my next trip there. Have you had the baked potatoes? Amazing! They’re about the size of a Nerf football and very soft inside and tasty. I usually get the sourdough bread, although toasting it would help it hold up better with all the toppings. I usually get the Cowboy burger, although the Napalm, Raoul and the Derby are calling to me right now.

    I’m kinda nervous about how Blue 9 is doing with the change. Usually when a place starts appealing to a larger demographic, something ends up lost in the shuffle. I hope it’s not the burgers. This is definitely not a good place if you’re into big, thick burgers.

    With the exception of Blue 9, I haven’t been to any of the places on your list. Actually, I haven’t heard of most of them. Thanks for the 411! Have you been to Corner Bistro or Royale? I’ve heard good things. I did go to Jeremy’s Ale House by the Seaport as I’d heard they did a good burger. Not impressed. I thin k it’s more a place for cheap beer and the atmosphere (it’s a Bravest and Finest hangout and lots of bras on the ceiling). The burger tasted like what I would have had from a backyard barbecue back home if they’d used lighter fluid for the charcoal. It was a $4 burger, so I didn’t exactly have the bar set too high.

  38. The NYC Food Guy said:


    So we’ll be passing on Jeremy’s. Someone recommended Becky’s for a burger on the UES. The diner Soup Burg on Madison and 75th makes one of the best diner burgers I’ve ever had. Simple, griddled, and perfect.

    Isn’t it funny how delivery pizza tastes better after steaming in a cardboard box for a bit, but put a burger and fries in paper bag and it’s trouble. Then again Burger Joint’s fries are ridiculous in the paper bag.

    I had Blue 9 a long time ago. It was hot in the store, the burger was greasy, and the fries were undercooked. It doesn’t sound like now is the time to give them a new try.

    I’ve had Royale and will be reviewing it asap. It was unimpressive definitely not worth the trip to Avenue C. Corner Bistro is eh. I’m pretty down on it. It’s like my friend VTFRYGUY said, if you want to get drunk all day and then eat a burger, then this is the place for you. If you want a good burger this is not your spot.

    Do you get the baked potato jakked up from Island Burger? Sour cream, cheese, bacon? Anything of the sort? I may have to look into getting it again. Shorty’s cheesteaks, also on 9th avenue has some amazing fries.

    Which of those new burger spots, if any, may you try first?

  39. Bill said:

    I just had butter and sour cream on the potato, but it was so freakin’ huge! I got it with my Cowboy Burger and a Black and White and didn’t even come close to finishing it. I may invest in a Nerf football just to have something for comparison the next time I take a picture. I’ve been doing some reviewing for for a while now, mostly NYC places and I have some sweet pics on the site.

    I used to love Shorty’s when they were still Tony Luke’s and just sandwich shop and had the “now I know how a french fry feels” kind of lighting. The roast pork has gone downhill and I was never really a fan of the fries. I’ve always felt that fries were an afterthought in most cheesesteak places. Although, 99 Miles To Philly (next to Blue 9 Burger) makes a mean cheesesteak and their onion rings are the bomb! Breaded and suuuuper crunchy!

    I think I have to do a little homework before deciding which place to try. Keens sounds like it might br good. I’ve always had the hope that steakhouses can usually put out a tasty burger.

  40. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Nice, I like roadfood. Send over a link to some of your stories, I’d love to read them. What areas have you specialized in?

    That potato sounds ridiculous, I guess I’m going to have to make it happen now.

    I never had Tony Luke’s while it was still in business. I’ve had 99 miles to Philly, it is solid. I’ll have to try the rings. As far as the pork sandwich goes at Shorty’s, youre absolutely right, it was terrible. I had read about it when it was Tony Luke’s and was intrigued. What I received was a greasy mess.

    Keen’s I’ve heard good things about. Let me know when you’re thinking of going, maybe we can get a crew.

  41. Bill said:


    Just sent you some pics and stories. I’m kinda all over the places. I’m always on the prowl for a great sandwich (breakfast or otherwise), chicken parm amongst other things.

    I did mourn when Tony Luke’s closed. The Roast Pork really was a great sandwich (in my Top 5 all-time!) and I got one about 2-3x a week when I worked on 43rd Street. The roast pork was tender and juicy, almost shredded and the roll was wet inside for the “jus” the pork had been bathing in. It had a nice background of crushed red pepper that gave it a slight lingering heat. Nice. The bread was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside with a nice bump on the end and it held up really well to the filling, even when I would bring them home on a 30 min train ride. I think Shorty’s lost the focus when the expanded and I don’t lnow if they lost any sources (meat, bread) when they changed the name. I asked, but they were cagey about not saying what had happened.

    Keen’s sounds good. Is theburger just on the pub menu?

  42. The NYC Food Guy said:


    You are correct, the Keen’s burger is only served in the bar and pub area.

    I’m with you as far as Shorty’s pork sandwich, it was greasy and not flavorful at all.

    What’s your top cheesesteak in the city?

  43. nastyyyyy said:

    those virgils cheese fries look naaastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. nasty bad, not nasty good

  44. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Have you tried them? Do you not like bacon and cheese and fries? I have this one friend who shares all my food loves, but doesn’t like cheese fries, sounds like you may be one in the same. In the end though, they’re still amazing.

  45. NYC Food Guy Recommends… Cheap Late Night Eats « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] I recommend some fries and some of the standard mozzarella sticks. Be a glutton. I’ll mention Pomme Frites, though they don’t deserve a spot on this list because they close at 3AM on […]

  46. Bill said:

    Definitely 99 Miles To Philly, I’ve found Carl’s to be really greasy (almost as though the whole thing was dipped in grease a la roast beef in aus jus), BB’s was way too salty and I am somewhat of a purist. I’ve not yet been to Philly Slims and I had Wogies years ago, but don’t really remember what I though. Guess I’ll just HAVE to try it again!

    I really dig 99 Miles’ chopped meat, the nice vein of whiz, the roll stands up really well to all the ingredients and the grease stays IN the sandwich.

  47. chef cj said:

    fries are fries man you would be suprised that most of the places you mention excluding any french restaurants use frozen fries…its really how when and what they are seasoning it with…but for most matchstick or thick cut fries they will likely be house made blanched ahead and quick fried for service as per order…..its all about salt salt and more salt…

    regarding that of crispiness its actually the temp of the oil if the temp is not in the area of 350-375 the fries will soak with oil and not stay crispy and be a soggy mess…when cooked at that temp they will be perfect…

  48. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Chef CJ-

    I hear you on that. If you look at the Shorty’s Cheesesteak comment thread, we could use your wisdom there.

    Regardless of the fact that a lot of fancy places just use regular frozen fries, there are good fries and there are bad fries, so I can’t totally agree that fries are fries, some places are just a lot better than others….there’s the separation right there….

    what are your top fries?

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  52. ORyan said:

    Had Pommes frites today it was GREAT! i had the mango sauce and some other ones i dont even remember. Funny thing is how fast these fries filled me up. I did have lunch before going there but i generally can eat alot before feeling stuffed. The container must be decieving, holding alot more than it seems to. anyway i left pommes frites a very happy man, lol. I will be back soon

  53. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I think pommes frites fries are good but not great. They’re definitely tasty when cooked well done but there’s a place called Ray’s candy store on 7th street and avenue A that’s open 24 hours and also makes fresh Belgian fries. They don’t offer the range of sauces but there are some decent ones to choose from. Plus Ray offers 21 flavors of egg cream. If you haven’t had an egg cream is milk, seltzer and a flavored syrup e.g. vanilla or chocolate. I think vanilla’s the best way to go. Either way, I’d never wait on line for Pommes Frites, I’d just go an avenue over to Rays. I don’t know if it says Ray’s on the awning but there’s a big ice cream cone out front and a sign that reads “Belgian Fries.”

  54. NYC Best Falafel: Azuri Cafe beats Taim as NYC’s Best Falafel « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] that.  I’ve made the claim before about burgers, West Village slices, Midtown pizza, and french fries.  Now it’s time to deliver the best falafel crown to Azuri Cafe on 51st Street near 10th […]

  55. Paul said:

    Well I tried the fries at Ziggiz on your recommendation. To call them mediocre is fair, maybe even generous. To call them the best in nyc is just absurd. My order didn’t look much like your photo, as there were precious few fries longer than one inch. The price is now $2.55, still not expensive, but who cares if they aren’t good? There are many places in the city with GREAT fries, including Pommes Frites, Balthazar, Cafe de Bruxelles. So many others too. Has this place gone downhill?

  56. beth szymanski said:

    hey there–are you afraid of truffle oil? even if you are, check out burke in the box at bloomingdale’s. holy shiznit–they’re great! they’re perfectly cooked, truly, and can be ordered plain or with truffle oil and–parmesan? i tossed a handful into the lobster bisque i also ordered and was amazed at how well they held up–crisp as all get-out.

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    […] he means the typically addictive double-fried, skin-on fries have gone downhill (as noted by Paul May 16th on NYC Food Guy’s Recommended French Fry post), then maybe closing early is for the best; the heaping order of fries was the only reason to go to […]

  58. The End of NYC Food Guy’s Favorite Late Night Fries: Murray Hill Grease Pit “Ziggiz” Officially Out of Business | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] NYC Food Guy Recommends… French Fries […]

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