Brooklyn Diner’s Cheeseburger Deluxe: Midtown’s Best Burger is worth the price

Date March 4, 2008

$15.95. Yes, $15.95 for a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and some frizzled onions on a buttered and grilled brioche bun. I realize this breaks the bank for most burger lovers, crossing into “fancy burger” territory, but let’s be serious. Look at this burger. It’s a behemoth, it’s knee-bucklingly delicious, and it has never disappointed at the restaurant or by delivery. In Midtown I love The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien for its flame broiled flavor and shoe string fries, but if forced to choose, I’d take Brooklyn Diner 9 out of 10 times.

Brooklyn Diner’s Bacon Cheeseburger is one of the best, read on to find out why or check out more of my New York Burger Tour here

Let’s breakdown this bad boy:

  • Custom blend ground beef – never tastes too beefy, always moist and crumbly, and cooked on a flat griddle, which I’m not usually a fan of. That proves this burger’s greatness right there.
  • Vermont Cheddar Cheese – not too sharp and always well-melted
  • Smokehouse bacon – I ask for it well done and it’s always fresh and cooked to order. It has never tasted as though it was pre-cooked and slapped back on the grill.
  • Frizzled Onion Rings – Though they’re a little greasy, they’re thin, crisp, and don’t come back on you throughout the day like a Donovan’s Burger or even Luger’s
  • French Fries – Thickness which falls between shoestring and diner-style, they always come crisp, potatoey, and piping hot
  • Buttered & Grilled Brioche Bun – Evenly grilled, seeded, and always glistening this bun is light and just substantial enough to support the massive patty without having an overbearing presence

What else can you really ask for?

Take a look at the burger as served. That’s a hell of a presentation. Heinz ketchup comes served in a small bowl which you can see at the top of the picture.


Look at this cross section. The size of the burger may look imposing and although it requires a big bite, the airiness of the bun and crumbly nature of the burger allow for a good squeeze.


The best way to build the burger is….

  1. Arrange loose bacon and spread small layer of ketchup
  2. Put about half, or a little less, of the fried onions on the burger
  3. Apply more ketchup and top bun
  4. Slice and eat, rationining a little of the remaining fried onion on select bites


Take a look at the perfectly grilled bun. Still light and airy, the buttery flavor is hardly detectable but how could it hurt the overall burger? The beauty of a great, buttered bun is that if you finish the burger before the end of the bun you may be left with a little grilled cheese sandwich.


Mouth-watering. Juicy. Flavorful. These are the three main attributes I look for in a great burger. I’d rather have a burger cooked over an open flame than on a flat griddle but I won’t discriminate. You have to keep an open mind when it comes to food and I’m glad I did because I definitely balked when my friend Eric Cook first suggested Brooklyn Diner’s Bacon Cheeseburger for dinner one night at work. I heard the price and I said “Forget it.” He said “Trust me here” and I did. The rest is history. I try not to eat this burger too often because it’s so delicious I wouldn’t want to spoil the excitement I feel every time I order it. I hope you try it and feel the same way.

Brooklyn Diner

212 West 57th Street b/t B’dway & 7th Ave.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 977-1957
155 West 43rd Street nr. B’dway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 265-5400

14 Responses to “Brooklyn Diner’s Cheeseburger Deluxe: Midtown’s Best Burger is worth the price”

  1. Dan said:

    wow…that burger looks legit. the last picture has officially become my desktop wallpaper. keep the entires coming!

  2. betazen said:

    Will definitely be going this week. Which Diner did you go to or prefer though? Thanks!

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I’ve only been to the location on 57th and 7th. So if you go to the Times Square location, I cannot vouch for the deliciousness of the burger. That being said, it would be alarming if it wasn’t equally delicious and maybe next time I’ll give the Times Square spot a whirl. The vanilla egg cream, though painfully sweet, is also a solid accompaniment to the burger. Enjoy, I’m pumped to hear what you thought.

    What are some of your favorite burgers in NYC? Is there a best?

  4. betazen said:

    Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve just begun my “Tour De Food” in NYC. I’ve lived here all my life and have never gone out there to try the best of the best. I’ve always said things like “I know this burger is decent but don’t have a “best” to compare it to.”

    So I’ve been to recently around where I work: Good Burger, Burger Joint, Five Guys, The Blarney Stone, Prime Burger. They all bring their own to the table but I’ve gone back to the Burger Joint and Five Guys a few times. So undecided on the “best” but those are the best thus far.

    I’m looking to spread out from there if I know the prospects are great. That’s why I’m enjoying your site. Thanks!!!

  5. Veselka Bacon Cheeseburger: Backyard BBQ Flavor & Great Bun « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Not in NYC Food Guy’s humble opinion. It was char broiled and damn tasty, but we have to remember, Veselka is merely a diner, and they delivered on just that, a standard yet delicious diner burger. If I had to eat one last burger in Manhattan, I’d still go with Brooklyn Diner. […]

  6. Adam K. said:

    OK. I finally have a link to bomb you with. I did the write-up of our lunch here. Thanks for introducing me to a great burger!

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I love it. What goes around finally comes around. Sweet, sweet justice.

    It was my pleasure introducing the creator of A Hamburger Today to another awesome burger. I’m pumped to continue the hunt for an even better burger.

    Let me know when you’re ready for round 2 at BK Diner. Maybe we try the 42nd street location next?

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  9. EB said:

    I had the pleasure of joining the nyc food guy at the brooklyn diner this afternoon for my first experience with this warlock of a burger. I consider myself somewhat of a food snob, not that i don’t enjoy all food just a fine dining fan, I was thoroughly impressed by this burger. I had mine medium rare, it was more on the medium side but still plenty juicy. The bacon was delicious and I really enjoyed the burger.

  10. Hey evan... said:

    Youuuuuuu suck!

    No but seriously sick lunch glad you came in. You should join me and big L on one of the next food tours you have solid taste in food.

  11. Rev said:

    I have a Burger Boner.

  12. NYC Best Falafel: Azuri Cafe beats Taim as NYC’s Best Falafel « NYC Food Guy said:

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  13. Greg Strong said:

    This bomb of a burger is a disaster.
    Artherosclerotically, aesthetically and budget-wise.
    Once you start calling a massive pound of ground beef a “burger” you’re venturing into uncharted territory.
    I’ve had the massive hot dog there, and it should really be labeled “kielbasa” or “no-ring ring bologna.”
    Sumo Burger at Fat Nick’s on 77th and Broadway is just as big, but no frizzled onions, tho you can get the rest.
    Island Burger at 54th and Ninth is a better bet.
    No fries, sides or whatever, but it’s an actual hamburger.

  14. Love Cheese burgers said:

    This was a bad experience. The picture does make the burger bigger than it actually is. It was just another cheese burger. nothing special about it. Over priced. Could have gotten three for this price.

    I would discourage any one to go. Not even if you are curious.

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