NYC Mexican Food & Cheap Eats: Taco Cart at 70th Street & Broadway May Be Upper West Side’s Best Lunch Deal & Best Mexican Food

Date September 26, 2013

tacos upper west

Spicy pork taco ($2.50)

Two spicy pork tostadas ($3.00 each)

In the colorful photo just above these words, you’re looking at two carne enchilada tostadas.  Crispy, open face taco shells spread with beans, covered with freshly griddled spicy pork, and topped with lettuce, tomato, and crumbly white cheese.  They were made by an industrious Mexican woman inside a little metal cart outside the Chase Bank at the southwest corner of 70th Street and Broadway.  This cart may be providing both the best lunch deal and best Mexican food on the Upper West Side.  Each one of the towering tostadas above cost just $3.00.  $3.00! That means if you bought two of these, you would have a seriously filling lunch for just $6.  The overstuffed tacos (photo above, at top), sprinkled with cilantro, onion and green sauce are $2.50 each.  Get two of those and you’re stuffed for just $5.  The dinner plate-sized torta is just $6 and it’s easily a two-meal sandwich.  The only downside to the entire enterprise is that the food doesn’t come fast, there’s only one woman working and typically a few people on line, so leave a little time.  Forget Chipotle, Subway and whatever other underwhelming and likely overpriced Upper West Side lunch option you’ve decided on and make a beeline for what I’ve decided is the best Mexican food on the Upper West Side.  I’m already sorry I let you in on the secret.

Taco Cart at 70th Street & Broadway, Southwest corner

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