NYC Breakfast & Brunch: “Oatmeals” in the West Village Proves Oatmeal Can Actually Be Exciting

Date September 10, 2013


What’s your first memory of oatmeal? For me it was my Dad mixing it over the stove and then offering me some to taste. My first bite was a forgettable one as my Dad uses little to no sugar and wanted to let me try it that way too. Five minutes and half a cup of sugar and cinnamon later and I was happily eating my oatmeal. Oatmeals, a small new shop on West 3rd st b/t MacDougal St and 6th Avenue, whose aim is to up the ante on breakfast’s typically boring buddy, has succeeded in their task and they do it with more than just cinnamon and sugar. Take the “Salted Caramel Apple” you see above. Cinnamon, brown sugar, cinnamon roasted apples, whipped cream, caramel, and a very smart sprinkle of sea salt combine to make oatmeal something you’re actually excited to wake up for in the morning. They offer 25 different ways to enjoy your oatmeal, some savory like the “Truffle RisOATto” which features shaved parm, truffle oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper, some sweet like the “Dulce de Leche Cheesecake” with graham crackers, whipped ricotta, dulce de leche drizzle, cinnamon, brown sugar, and whipped cream or the “Strawberry Shortcake” with graham crackers, fresh strawberries, strawberry jelly, vanilla and brown sugars, and whipped cream. However you decide to top your oatmeal, rest assured this will be the only oatmeal you’ll ever be excited to tell your friends about after.

Oatmeals Website

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