Sirloin Quarter Pound Bacon Cheeseburger on Housemade Portuguese Muffin at Zaitzeff Burgers

Date September 21, 2011

Zaitzeff Burgers

Zaitzeff is a family name. And their eponymous burger joints – three are scattered throughout Manhattan – bear the marks of a family establishment: friendly service and food, both full of personality. All burgers (Sirloin Quarter Pound, $9.25) are grass-fed and served on sweet, housemade toasted Portuguese buns; better than English muffins. Romaine, tomato and sauteed onions are complementary. American cheese ($1.00) and bacon ($3.25) will set you back a bit. Fries ($5.00) are a la carte, hand cut and cooked in an iron skillet atop the stove so the oil can be changed frequently. A heaping stack of potato arrives at the table somewhere between limp and crisp, perfect for grabbing three at a time and swathing them through a pool of Heinz. You can even order a mixed fries ($5.00) and receive regular and sweet potato. And don’t overlook the full sour pickle, it’s from The Pickle Guys on the Lower East Side and it’s damn near perfect. Zaitzeff is the kind of place every neighborhood is lucky to have.

Zaitzeff Burgers Financial District – 72 Nassau Street at John Street (212) 571-7272 Open 10am-10pm Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm Sat & Sun, East Village – 18 Avenue B at 2nd Street (212) 477-7137 Open 12pm-12am daily, Murray Hill – 711 2nd Avenue b/t 38th & 39th Street (212) 867-3471 Open 10am-11pm daily

5 Responses to “Sirloin Quarter Pound Bacon Cheeseburger on Housemade Portuguese Muffin at Zaitzeff Burgers”

  1. Charlie said:

    love this place.. definitely one of my burger go-to-s in the city…never had the sirloin burger there though. i had the kobe beef burger, which, i think tastes like a normal burger, but my brain was tricked into believing that it actually tasted better. that said, it was still awesome. AND, we had it delivered and it held up perfectly.

  2. Charlie said:

    forgot to mention – this place definitely gets bonus points for giving you full sour pickles with the burgers. more restaurants should get on board that train. dill pickles are a waste of my pallet time!

  3. Erica von Trapp said:

    So happy they are grass-fed.
    Love REAL meat.

  4. Mo said:

    Oh so good, Iam going tomorrow.



  5. meemsnyc said:

    Wow, this looks amazing! I would love to eat one of these burgers and fries!

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