Hester Street Fair Exclusive: La Newyorkina Debuts Honeydew Cucumber Popsicle Saturday

Date July 30, 2010

Honeydew Cucumbers La Newyorkina - NYCFoodGuy.com

The lovely ladies of La Newyorkina, creators of Manhattan’s only artisanal Mexican ice pops, better know as paletas, are at it again! Saturday marks the debut of a brand new flavor paleta at Hester Street Fair: Honeydew Cucumber.  It’s best described by La Newyorkina co-founder Hannah Goldberg:

“They say that it’s not easy being green, especially when one is a popsicle, but this one manages beautifully. A pale green with a delicate and elusive flavor that treads that fine line between sweet and savory – super-refreshing and utterly delicious. I hope you’ll make it down to the Fair to taste one!”

You heard the lady! Get down to Hester Street Fair and try one for yourself, tell them NYC Food Guy sent you.

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19 Responses to “Hester Street Fair Exclusive: La Newyorkina Debuts Honeydew Cucumber Popsicle Saturday”

  1. esther (ambitious deliciousness) said:

    That looks amazing!!!!! Perfectly refreshing and sweet. 😉

  2. The City Sweet Tooth » Sweet Links of the week 7/30! said:

    […] Web Comic – Cupcake Pow! La Newyorkina to Debut Honeydew Cucumber Popsicle! (NYC Food Guy) People’s Pops expand to High Line! (Grub St.) The Best Cholados in Queens! (Serious Eats) 40 […]

  3. FN said:

    Dare I ask how much this artisanal popsicle will set me back, ducket-wise?

  4. Harriet Magpie said:

    We are loving this popsicle moment that NYC is having this summer. http://www.harrietmagpie.com recently reviewed People’s Pops, the popsicle company who uses only locally grown fruits and infuses them with interesting flavor combos – apricot lavender and rhubarb jasmine. We picked our fave flavor – you should check them out too, when you get a chance! They’re on the highline this month!

  5. paul said:

    What the hell is going on with this site? “Popsicle moment” that NYC is having? But nobody wants to talk about how much they cost? Something tells me when “artisinal” mexican popsicles are made by Hannah Goldberg, they probably cost a bit more than a Froze-fruit.

    Just when we were out the door on cupcakes we get Popsicles. I can’t wait for artisinal lollipops. No more pastrami, pizza or canolis, NY is a Popsicle town!

  6. pauly D said:

    god bless you paul. maybe its just something about us Pauls who want to read about delicious artery-clogging foods.

    change your slogan at the top of the site fraud guy– er, food guy.

  7. Anabel said:

    MMMMmm…popsicles. My sister just sent me your blog – hail mary – my NYC eat list just blew up…

    P.S. RE: GREEN MELON THINGS – these are the bombdiggitybomb: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melona

  8. dr. shio said:

    omgz that cucumber popsicle is making my tonsils tingle!!!! if only they made a creamsicle version!!!

  9. ronnie said:

    I want to sit on it!!!

  10. ronnie said:

    to remind me of spring break ’04!

  11. Soma Sengupta said:

    That sounds awesome! So soothing & such a great combination. Thanks for posting this.

  12. serena @bigapplenosh said:

    Sounds delish! 🙂

  13. Sarah said:

    I LOVE the Hester Street Fair! I recently did a post on it: http://brightlights-mycity.blogspot.com/2010/10/hester-street-fair.html

    I love stopping by Luke’s Lobster and checking out the vintage jewelry!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Dinetonite said:

    hmm, It looks delicious, I wanna try this

  15. Susan: My Food Obsession said:

    Honeydew Cucumber – sound like a scrumptious combination!

  16. Steve said:

    Does anyone know where you can buy FrozFruit bars these days in Manhattan? I’m UWS, so the closer to there the better for getting them home without melting.

  17. Kim said:

    We have a food truck here in Dallas that does popsicles! It is such a great idea to use recipes that are healthy, light and fun! good job! Lovely color – wish I had one now! 🙂

  18. Brodsky Organization said:

    This looks and sounds like the perfect treat for a hot summer day! We will have to make it to the Hester Street Fair in the Lower East Side before the summer is out. Hopefully, if the weather is nice, we will stop by there this Saturday.

  19. meemsnyc said:

    These reminds me of the yummy tropical popsicles in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. I bet this is so refreshingly good!

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