Chuck Hughes, Star of Cooking Channel’s “Chuck’s Day Off,” Eats Roni Sue’s Pig Candy & Soler Pupusas & Loves Momofuku & Zak Pellacio’s Dungeness Crab

Date July 6, 2010

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Montreal native Chuck Hughes wanted to be in a biker gang when he grew up.  He got the tattoos but he traded the motorcycle for the Cooking Channel Ice Cream Truck.  That’s how NYC Food Guy found the star of Cooking Channel’s “Chuck’s Day Off” two Saturdays ago, handing out free People’s Pops and chatting up all passersby about everything from his food-centric tattoos to his popular Montreal restaurant that is at the heart of his TV show.  He may be rolling on four wheels instead of two but he’s doing his best to bring the rock and roll spirit to the world of food.  Check out the video as I introduce Chuck to chocolate covered bacon and pupusas while he waxes poetic about his favorite NYC food.

Chuck’s Day Off airs Saturday at 2pm and Wednesday at 10PM only on the Cooking Channel