NYC Food Guy Video: Are America’s Best Regional Food Specialties Worth The Hype?

Date June 22, 2010

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The Food Network Great American Food & Music Festival passed two Sundays ago without much fanfare. But that didn’t stop NYC Food Guy from having some fun! Eighteen restaurants were serving up their regional specialties at the New Meadowlands Stadium and I wasn’t about to miss out on a chance to try the self-proclaimed creator of the hamburger (Louis’ Lunch), the buffalo wing (Anchor Bar), the Chicago style Italian beef sandwich (Al’s Beef), or the oldest barbeque in Texas (Southside Market). And that was only the tip of the iceberg.  But what I really wanted to know is whether these famed American food items are truly worth the hype? Check out the video above to watch me eat my way from sausage and Suicide wings to freshly fried churros and frozen custard. It’s the best of America’s regional specialties and it’s all in one place!

11 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Video: Are America’s Best Regional Food Specialties Worth The Hype?”

  1. MOE said:

    Great again

  2. Bill said:

    NYCFG, way to represent, man!! I heard you met one of my RF friends there. I couldn’t make it as I was stuffing my face with a Big Bob Gibson’s pulled pork sandwich and a strawberry & orange-poppyseed caramel concrete from Shake Shack (among many other foods)!!

  3. Gabe said:

    Al’s Italian Beef! As a native Chicagoan, I really miss Italian beef sandwiches along with true Chicago-style deep dish pizza. That’s just stuff you can’t get anywhere else. I live 5 minutes away from the Meadowlands and thought about going to this but ended going to MSP instead for the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. That was a blast but I see I missed out on some good eats right around the corner from me, including some of my hometown faves. There’s always next year I guess.

  4. jennifer said:

    Dang I’m hungry now……
    So good to see you last night! Let’s get together and do some EATIN!!

  5. Bill said:

    I am curious though, what was the cost for the day for you between parking, festival pass and all of the food that you tried? The cost was the overriding factor that kept me away.

  6. Gabe said:

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing as Bill. I think it was $40 to get in but then you had to pay for each item of food (and looking at the signs in the background during the video it wasn’t exactly cheap).

  7. Before Sunrise said:

    Maybe you should pitch a show about best stadium foods throughout the USA. There are all sorts of food shows, why not one on “sports food”?

  8. Austin Scott Brooks said:

    Great overview on some local specialties! I’m partial to the burger, myself. Just did a write-up on a couple of NYC hot dog places, Crif VS Bark. Who wins, in your opinion?

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Thanks as always.

    You are a food monster as always. And yes, I did meet one of your Roadfood friends there. Nice lady, you Road Fooders are no joke.


    The fact that you skipped this for BABBP makes it entirely allowable. What’s the best deep dish in Chicago?

    Thanks kid
    do. Great seeing you too.

    Bill and Gabe,
    Press pass my friend! I think that’s the next step for you. When are you going to go legit?!

    Before Sunrise,
    I love the idea.

    Austin Scott Brooks,
    I have never been to Bark! Bad Food Guy I know. Who wins for you?

  10. Al’s Combo Beef and Sausage — The Wandering Foodie said:

    […] – Chef at Al’s and friend of my travel companion Lawrence through his attendance at the 2010 Great American Food and Music Festival. Adam grew up in the Southest part of South Chicago, so we were rolling with the authenticity […]

  11. Gabe said:

    The best deep dish in Chicago, for me, is Lou Malnati’s. I’ve been wanting to try Burt’s Place though, it’s a small joint on the far Northwest side of town that was featured on Bourdain’s No Reservations and looks fantastic. But if you want the real deal, definitely Malnati’s.

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