Nick Tsoulos, Owner of Patsy’s, Angelo’s & Goodburger, to Open Mel’s Burger Bar in Mid-June/Early July with Louis’ Lunch-inspired Burger

Date April 30, 2010

Mel's Burger Bar

Photo courtesy of Harlem + Bespoke

In a phone conversation Thursday, Nick Tsoulos, owner of Patsy’s Pizza, NYC Food Guy-favorite Angelo’s Pizza and Goodburger, revealed that he will be opening Mel’s Burger Bar at 2850 Broadway b/t 110-111 Street in mid-June or early July.  The menu will feature four to five burgers made of LaFrieda meat (who else?) including one on white toast inspired by Connecticut’s famous Louis’ Lunch, self proclaimed creator of the hamburger.  The burgers will be flat griddled, however, so we won’t see anything resembling the Louis Lunch vertical broiling process.  Though it’s called “Burger Bar,” Tsoulos said “this will not be [just] your regular burger place.”  Burgers will account for “70 percent of the menu”  while the rest of it will be rounded out with items such as “out of this world” baby back ribs, fresh cut French fries, spaghetti, chicken meatballs, an enchilada and other main courses and appetizers for more than just the Columbia students.  The space itself will feature exposed brick and original artwork.  And for those desirous of a liquid meal, you can choose spiked milkshakes or one of the 20-25 beers on draft.  Based on NYC Food Guy’s love for Angelo’s pepperoni and garlic pie, I’ll definitely be giving Mel’s Burger Bar a try.

6 Responses to “Nick Tsoulos, Owner of Patsy’s, Angelo’s & Goodburger, to Open Mel’s Burger Bar in Mid-June/Early July with Louis’ Lunch-inspired Burger”

  1. Pizza Yum said:

    Angelo’s pizza kicks ass. I go to the one on 55th and 2nd. Which is better that or the 57th street one? Make sure to ask for bread at the beginning of the meal, sop it up with olive oil and sprinkle some red pepper and parm onto the oil. Awesome.

  2. Bwog » Bwoglines: New Acquaintances Edition said:

    […] Nick Tsoulos, who will soon be opening Mel’s Burger Bar in mid-June or early July. […]

  3. Mel's Girl said:

    For the REAL scoop follow us:

    We’ll be opening at the end of July and the food will speak for itself (and I’ll speak for the food just a little)

  4. Bwog » Mel’s Burger Bar…It’s A Thing! said:

    […] still doesn’t have a website, but we learned that its owner is Nick Tsoulos, who also owns Goodburger, Patsy’s and Angelo’s. These are […]

  5. Burgerboy said:

    Went to Mel’s today and got onion strings and a cheeseburger. The onion strings were good, but the burger was something you’d expect from a high school cafeteria. For $9.25, really? Other places in the neighborhood make a better burger – Deluxe Diner, 107 West, even Havana Central.

  6. Morningside Resident said:

    This place is over-priced for small portions, highly inconsistent in the quality of the food, has EXTREMELY SLOW service, and inept eye-candy bartenders that forget orders and spend more time on their phones then tending to customers. DO NOT GO, it’s NOT worth it!

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