Red Hook Food Vendors Going Brick & Mortar on Red Hook’s Van Brunt Street

Date April 20, 2010

Fresh off the news that the Red Hook Food Vendors will open May 1st, Cesar Fuentes, Executive Director of the Food Vendors Committee of Red Hook Park, tells NYC Food Guy that he and two partners have signed a lease for an open-air space on Van Brunt Street, Red Hook’s main drag.  They’re calling it Red Hook Mercado or market, and the vision is that it will become a place friendly to the Red Hook creative community including musical acts, crafts, movies, and now here’s the kicker – Fuentes’ guarantee that “at least one of the [Red Hook food] vendors will hold a spot at this location.” If Mercado is a success, food from at least one Red Hook vendor will be available weekdays and weekends all year round.  According to Fuentes, three vendors currently have “strong interest … in expanding their business to this location.”  We’ll find out officially around May 1st, but NYC Food Guy’s money is on pupusa pusher Rafael Soler, who will be featured at Central Park’s Summer Stage this year and is also Fuentes’ stepfather.

Red Hook Food Vendors -

According to Fuentes, a Latin American mercado features “some of the best foods and finest works of local artisan craft of the community, but it is also a place where the community comes together and socializes in a festive and vibrant atmosphere.”  To that end, Red Hook Mercado will also feature foods from other “well known purveyors” in addition to a garden providing fresh ingredients for dishes prepared on site.  Like the Red Hook Ball Fields, Fuentes hopes the Mercado becomes “one of the most unique experiences … in the city this summer.”  NYC Food Guy raises a glass of horchata to that.  Stay tuned for more information…

7 Responses to “Red Hook Food Vendors Going Brick & Mortar on Red Hook’s Van Brunt Street”

  1. Foodie said:

    Breaking News from the Food Guy! Nice. Looking forward to May Day!

  2. shniblblez 143 said:

    QUESTION: If there were 3 items that the NYC Food Guy had to choose to be on his home-cooked-meal plate, what would they be?

    Who said that the NYC Food Guy only should be dining at public establishments?! “Not I,”said the Sly Guy.


    (huh?) :-)


    […] further news, according to NYC Food Guy, Cesar Fuentes, Executive Director of the Food Vendors Committee of Red Hook Park, and two partners […]

  4. Anonymous said:

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