Pulino’s Salsiccia Pizza is Breakfast in its Finest Form

Date April 5, 2010

While it’s too soon to give Keith McNally and Nate Appleman’s Pulino’s a full review, it’s not too soon to tell you that the Salsiccia ($9/$17) breakfast pizza will have me coming back for more.  A runny egg unites smokey bacon, still bubbling in its own fat, with sweet, spicy house-made sausage and slightly sharp white cheddar all atop an addictive, crispy thin crust that harbors a surprisingly chewy, almost buttery inner layer.  Now pizza for breakfast doesn’t mean the Artichoke sitting on your table from last night. Thanks Nate.

Pulino's Salsiccia Pizza - NYCFoodGuy.com

7 Responses to “Pulino’s Salsiccia Pizza is Breakfast in its Finest Form”

  1. Alex said:

    have you tried motorino’s egg pizza? Served Sat and Sun only. I’ve had it half a dozen times now and still craving more.

  2. RWordplay said:

    I love the idea of the yolk and cheese and the description of the crust holds promise; but as is too often the case today, it all seems a bit much. I think a ricotta a better choice here than white cheddar, the “sharpness” adds a note that seems beside the point.

    OK, I get the whole “lumberjack” breakfast here but I’m not amused. Sausage and bacon on a pizza doesn’t seem counter intuitive, just uninteresting, as if Pulino is trying too hard, like juggling and drinking a glass of water. I get it, but I’m not particularly impressed.

  3. graphic pen tablet said:

    The crust sounds tasty, but the whole thing just seems a lot. Definitely would need someone to split it with.

  4. Pulino’s $14 Midnight Burger Not Worth Waiting Up For | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] burger patty.  If this is the plan, perhaps adding some of the smokey bacon which shined on the Salsiccia breakfast pizza could elevate this burger.  Some may say it’s too soon to “review” this newly […]

  5. Jen said:

    This looks delicious! A little out of my price range though, I hope they wind up on one of the deal sites http://www.dailyflock.com would be nice

  6. Harriet Magpie said:

    The idea of this sounds good, although we are not loving the look of the fatty bacon. We much prefer a meatier bacon, like at Cookshop – see the bacon (and the famous bread basket – mmm!) in our pictures at http://harrietmagpie.com/?p=2784

  7. Sammy Skye said:

    talk about food porn. looks delicious. love the blog. seems like youre having a lot of fun eating your way through nyc.

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