If You Hate Yourself, Eat Burger King’s New Steakhouse XT Burgers

Date March 12, 2010

If you hate yourself, smoke cigarettes.  If you hate yourself, walk into moving traffic.  But if you really hate yourself and your heart and your stomach, then eat the new Steakhouse XT burgers at Burger King.  My friend Eric and I had the pleasure of eating each of the three varieties of XT burgers earlier this week and we learned one thing: we must hate ourselves.  Just looking at the burgers below must make any normal, healthy person cringe.  But Eric and I? We forged ahead for the sake of you, the reader, the eater, to teach you a valuable lesson: in the world of fast food, bigger does not equal better.  Burger King needs to forget about competing directly with McDonald’s Angus burger and instead just focus on making burgers that actually taste good.

Burger King Steakhouse XT Burgers - NYCFoodGuy.com

From top to bottom: The A1 Steakhouse XT featured a faint steak sauce flavor and crunchy fried onions, all of which were overwhelmed by the burger’s char.  It’s a good thing the Smokey Cheddar XT (middle) is only around for a limited time because the cheddar tasted more like American and the smokey sauce was nauseatingly artificial.  The standard Steakhouse XT (bottom) was actually the best of the three, most closely resembling a thicker Whopper, just without pickles.

10 Responses to “If You Hate Yourself, Eat Burger King’s New Steakhouse XT Burgers”

  1. bbqmackster said:

    OMG! That was an uneeded sacrifrice my friend. YUCK! BARF!

  2. jennifer said:

    I’ll pray for you my friend……x

  3. Arthur Raphael said:

    Umm , were there leftovers? I’ll try them. lol

  4. Rose said:

    you ate all of them? even if you split them that would be a shit ton of food. yikes.
    on another note, kind of: I do eat burger king semi regularly and my fiance’ probably loves the A1 burger more than he loves me. but yeah, it looks disgusting and will probably be the end of him.

  5. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Jeez, no need for this slop. Why bother with the review? But beware, Food Guy, the Burger King Corp is an entity of vindictive bastards (cf p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burger_King_v._Rudzewicz) that will never advertise on your blog. And maybe put a hit on you.

    But you, O food guru, shouldn’t care. Keep your integrity: it’s your currency.

    With Five Guys sprouting up everywhere, Burger King is no longer relevant.

  6. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    And yes, Rose, dump the fiance’.

  7. Phil Ate said:

    You forgot to add:

    “if you hate yourself, become an internet food blogger”

    Im Baaaaaaaaaaackkkkk

  8. SCAB said:

    BK just forced me to eat one, asked for a whopper and I got the Steakhouse. Got back to the office and realized I paid $2 more. It’s not at all appealing. I don’t think they can legally call the cheese cheddar. It was dreadful.

  9. Anonymous said:

    i hate it

  10. Charity F said:

    BK needs to take it off the menu… or better yet just close.

    Those bk breakfast things on tv can stop interupting my shows as well.

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