Gratuitous Breakfast Food Porn: Irresistible Banana-Macadamia Nut Flapjacks at Norma’s in Le Parker Meridien Hotel

Date January 19, 2010

Two crispy-edged, fluffy on the inside, plate-size pancakes studded with slices of ripe banana and topped with mixed candied nuts and a melting river of whipped banana brown sugar butter!  Syrup is superfluous.  If you want to avoid the $21 price tag, you’ll find the recipe for this decadence in the thumbnails below.  Let us know how they turn out.

IMG_0818 comp

IMG_0821 comp

Irresistible Banana-Macadamia Nut Flapjacks Recipe -

Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien Hotel
119 West 56th Street b/t 6th & 7th Ave (Google Map) New York, NY 10019 212-245-5000 Open 7 days/week until 3pm Official Website Norma’s Menu (PDF)

8 Responses to “Gratuitous Breakfast Food Porn: Irresistible Banana-Macadamia Nut Flapjacks at Norma’s in Le Parker Meridien Hotel”

  1. FN said:

    $21 pancakes? You got a fever or something? Lol.

  2. RWordplay said:

    I’ve not been in many years. Although on occasion my father would stay there and I’d meet him for breakfast, but this was some time ago. At the time, the restaurant did not offer such cinematic items the menu. (I had an odd personal history with that hotel, when I was at Lowe Marschalk across 56th. I belonged to the health club there, would swim in their diminutive pool, and hired a trainer who was a dancer with Martha Graham’s company. Of late, when I meet Paul Rich for breakfast at Michael’s on 55th, I order pancakes—a mirror flat, blueberry variety. They are a curious treat—nothing so voluptuous as the plate above, instead, something good but puritanical about them. Crisp at the edges but not thick enough for a “fluffy” interior. As for syrup, absolutely necessary, although I like to order them with very soft poached eggs and break the yolk over them. Of course, I’d break yolk over shredded fried strips of the NEW YORK POST and enjoy it.
    Lawrence, well done, which, as Robert Sawyer has observed, is rare.

  3. jennifer said:

    ….stop it….no, really….oh my heck!! You’re killin me!!!

  4. MOE said:


    Thank you,


  5. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Gross! Guess I’m a nocturnal meat man. Shuddup, King of Ketchup! I mean culinary, not erotic.

    Taste for syrup, I conclude, is probably determined genetically, and I don’t have it. Along that line, there is a true genetic aversion to cilantro. I’m serious! Some people are truly REPULSED, and it runs it families. They perceive it as “smells like death”. I can’t make this up.

    Anyway, Food Guy and King, my wife (yes, WIFE!) have not forgotten the must-go Sammy’s adventure. Let’s make plans.

    Dr. D

  6. Jo said:

    I had the foie gras french toast. First few bites were yummy, but I kinda feel the asparagus and mushroom sauce overwhelmed the tastiness of the foie gras. Which is a waste because the french toast was really good, plus it’s foie gras! They should have just kept it plain and simple, with not so much sauce.

  7. dawn said:

    damn (in a good way)

  8. Wizeom said:

    Oh man — do you have access to the Decadent Chocolate French Toast Recipe from Norma’s? It is absolutely the most awesome trillion-calorie breakfast ever. Would pretty much kill for it.

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