Dinner for Two Days: $8.50 Chicken Mole Poblano Platter from Puebla Mexican Food

Date July 7, 2009

After discovering the bargain that is Puebla’s $5.50 fried chicken torta, I was surprised to see that the $8.50 chicken mole poblano platter provides even more deliciousness for your dollar; it’s enough give you dinner for two days! Tender, pulled chicken breast stewed in a spicy, sweet and smokey mole Poblano is served with flavorful, fluffy yellow rice, creamy black beans, and steaming-hot tortillas perfect for creating a chicken-rice-black bean taco.  I’ve ordered this dish countless times and never been disappointed, even when bringing it to the office and reheating it in the microwave.  The key to nuking it back to life is placing 2 to 3 damp paper towels on top of your plate, thereby preventing the food from drying out.

IMG_0768 comp

Puebla Mexican Food & Coffee Shop
47 1st Ave near 3rd Street  New York, NY 10003
212-473-6643  $10 Minimum for Delivery
Open Mon. – Fri. 7AM-11PM, Sat. 7AM-12AM, Sun. 10AM-12AM