New 2nd Location of “Tuck Shop: The Great Aussie Bite” Soft Opens Wednesday, Two doors from Crif Dogs

Date June 22, 2009

Tuck Shop, the East Village’s home for authentic Australian street food (meat pies, sausage rolls) and desserts (Tim Tams, vanilla slice, lamingtons), will soft open a new 2nd location this Wednesday (June 24) at 115 St. Mark’s Place, just a few doors down from Crif Dogs.


Late night eaters are in for a treat, the new location, like Tuck Shop’s original location at 68 East 1st Street b/t 1st and 2nd Avenues, will be open until 5AM Friday and Saturday (an hour later than Crif Dogs) and 2AM Sunday through Thursday.  Early birds can look forward to new breakfast and coffee options and lovers of the legendary Australian cookie Tim Tams have even more reason to be excited!  Read on to find out why, plus learn about what else we can expect from one of NYC Food Guy’s favorite spots…

Bigger is Better

Emeril Lagasse would be proud; the new Tuck Shop takes everything up a notch: a larger space, more pie specials, new sides and desserts, and a shiny zinc bar.  Pies (like the mac and cheese pie and my two personal favorites, beef and Thai chicken curry) will be prepared at the 1st street location and transported to the new spot to be baked fresh.


Custom Australian Coffee

The cellophane-wrapped coffee makers in the photo above will feature custom-roasted beans engineered to offer a light flavor perfect for Australian “flat whites,” a cross between a latte and a cappuccino.

Australian Milkshakes

Fresh fruit and the Australian chocolate drink Milo (“a delicious chocolate malt energy drink” according to Nestle’s website), will be the centerpieces of a new milkshake menu.

Tim Tam Storage Area!

To quote myself:  Tim Tams are ‘Australia’s favorite biscuit.’ They’re also by far the best packaged cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the day they appear in U.S. supermarkets.” Well since that day has actually passed, the only place you can find Tam Tams now is Tuck Shop and they’re so serious about this responsibility, they’ve dedicated an entire storage area at the back of the shop to storing Tim Tams.


Stay tuned to for further updates on Tuck Shop’s new location (below) at 115 St. Mark’s Place between Avenue A & 1st Avenue. There’s no phone number yet but if you have questions, call the 1st street location at 212-979-5200.


13 Responses to “New 2nd Location of “Tuck Shop: The Great Aussie Bite” Soft Opens Wednesday, Two doors from Crif Dogs”

  1. Ambitious said:

    You actually quoted yourself?! Hilarious!!!!!

    I am super excited about flate whites, as well as the storage area for Tim Tams. The better question is, will they still be $6 a pop though? 🙁

  2. Bill said:

    Duuude! On St. Mark’s?! That’s awesome! That block is really starting to build up as a go to place for good chow. I am sad that Sympathy For the Kettle closed recently, but Tuck Shop is a welcome addition.

  3. DWeez said:

    Wow, a fine addition to the East Village Late Night Eats without having to walk down near the LES. Can’t wait to see how this place turns out.

  4. Tuck Shop to open on St. Marks | said:

    […] NYC Food Guy is reporting that Tuck Shop is opening up a 2nd location at 115 St. Mark’s Place (near Crif Dogs). The new location is bigger, will serve Australian coffee, Milo (!!!), and of course all of your favorite Australian treats like Tim Tams and meat pies (and much more). […]

  5. Anita said:

    Your write up has me super psyched for my next late night out…Thai curry meat pie sounds right up my alley. But I must say that, as a New Yorker, I’m not sure how I feel about the “screw pizza” slogan.

  6. Al said:

    wowwwww i love australia and everything australian, including TIM TAMS! great review, this is gonna be awesomme

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    The Tim Tams will be priced around $6 mainly because the Tuck Shop has to buy them wholesale from Australia. Until Pepperidge Farm comes to their senses and re-issues Tim Tams in the U.S., I’m prepared to pay a premium for the opportunity to partake in a Tim Tam slam.

    Tell me about Sympathy, I don’t know that place. You said it though, St. Mark’s is righteous when it comes to food, particularly late night food. What are your other favorites?

    Great minds think alike, I didn’t go to the original Tuck Shop as often as I like because it’s so far from my 14th street location. Crif Dogs may now move down a notch when it comes to late night eats itinerary. What’s on yours usually?

    Thai chicken curry pie is awesome, no doubt about it. Add some sweet chili sauce and you’re in business. I eat the beef pie with ketchup and I’m a happy Food Guy. As far as the “screw pizza”, I’m fine with it, especially when it comes to the East Village. With the exception of Muzzarella’s Lasagna slice and the $4 2 slice special at Pete’s-A-Place, no slice joints are really even worth going to in the East Village. Sad state of affairs.


    Thanks for the enthusiasm Al. I second your sentiments.

  8. Amanda said:

    I’m excited — this is on my block! But as a resident, I can definitively say that you can purchase Tim Tams directly across the street from the new Tuck Shop, at Holy Land Market. They’re $6.99, I believe.

  9. fooddude said:

    Yes, you can get Tim Tams commercially now, since they were bought by an American company very recently. I think you can get them at Walgreens, in fact.

  10. Ambitious said:

    I still hold fast to my palette that tells me that Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams have nothing on Arnott’s Tim Tams!

  11. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Thanks for the intel. That’s great to know. I’m assuming with that price tag, they’re Arnott’s brand Tim Tams at Holy Land?

    Walgreen’s? What’s the brand? Pepperidge Farm?

    You palate must be more discerning than mine if you can tell the difference.

  12. T.J. Moore said:

    Tuck Shop has not opened yet on St. Mark’s. I went by Thursday (6/25) and Saturday (6/27) and the place was all gated up.

    Any idea when it will actually be opening?

  13. The NYC Food Guy said:

    T.J. Moore,
    For the time being the new Tuck Shop’s is opening at 6pm daily. They’ll close at 2am Sun – Thurs. and 5am Fri and Sat. I found this out the hard way as well.

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