The End of NYC Food Guy’s Favorite Late Night Fries: Murray Hill Grease Pit “Ziggiz” Now Closes at 10PM

Date June 5, 2009

Late-night pickings just got a little slimmer in Murray Hill, as the unheralded grease pit Ziggiz, home to NYC Food Guy’s favorite late-night fries, has started closing at 10PM. One source claims the Ziggiz owner reportedly complained about “too many problems” with the late-night operation. If by “problems” he means that the typically addictive, double-fried, skin-on fries have gone downhill (as noted by Paul May 16th on NYC Food Guy’s Recommended French Fry post), then maybe closing early is for the best; the heaping order of fries was the only reason to go to Ziggiz.

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15 Responses to “The End of NYC Food Guy’s Favorite Late Night Fries: Murray Hill Grease Pit “Ziggiz” Now Closes at 10PM”

  1. FN said:

    Food Guy, I think he is referring to the falling down drunks late at night in that area…..

  2. Anonymous said:

    Oh no! I used to order steak burritos late night (so good too) and would get fries with them. It’s a sad day.

  3. Ulla said:

    Holy shit that looks good! YUMMY!:)

  4. TheKCB said:

    Ziggiz is so greasy good I am able to glide down the street from the excess…

  5. nono said:

    it’s all for the best! FRIES BEFORE 10PM!!!!

  6. Some Place You Never Heard Of Is Closing Earlier Than Before : The Feedbag said:

    […] NYC Food Guy: The End of NYC Food Guy’s Favorite Late Night Fries: Murray Hill Grease Pit &#82… […]

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    You are probably right. Not that I ever fell into that category when I went to Ziggiz….

    It truly is a sad day when the city that never sleeps loses a late night spot.

    You said it, sister.

    Ha, that’s pretty gross, I think. There’s nothing to eat but grease. We used to get chicken fingers with fries, quesadilla with fries, or chicken sandwiches with fries, the last of which was actually a healthier option except for the Russian dressing all over it.


    Ha, look at you with the positive spin. It must be a result of the yoga!?

  8. Shelly Borrell said:

    No mas food blog affiliation links 🙁 Por que?

    Nibbles of Tidbits of OC likes NYC

    Ciao, Shelly 🙂

  9. sandy said:

    i saw you in midtown today food guy walking on the street you are adorable!!!!! i LOVE THE SITE!

  10. derf said:

    good post.
    need to check this place out.
    for great late night fries, you should also check out

  11. DWeez said:

    Looks really good. What condiments did you get with them?

  12. BKfoodGal said:

    No Worries late night frie eaters… Pomme Fritte in the east villiage is still open late…

  13. angry reader said:

    Is it also the end of nycfoodguy? Where the hell r u this is a joke…2 reviews in a month?

  14. The NYC Food Guy said:

    While I appreciate your concern, there’s no end for NYCFoodGuy. If you’d like to contribute, however, I have an open door policy on writing. If there’s a review you’d like to contribute, send it over.

  15. Ziggiz: Best Late Night Grease Pit Fries | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] This post was originally written in 2007 and since then Ziggiz has changed their close time to 10PM seven days a week, thereby ending their status as a great late night grease pit.  Prior to this, almost every meal I […]

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