Help Make Better!

Date April 20, 2009

It’s been a great 200-post run but now it’s time to step things up a notch. There are big changes on the horizon for and there’s nothing more important than making sure all you food lovers out there are getting everything you want out of this site.

Ready to attack at Daisy May's Big Pig Roast. Not for the squeamish.

Ready to attack at Daisy May's Big Pig Roast. Not for the squeamish.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email ([email protected]) letting me know what’s on your mind. What would you like to see reviewed? What kind of features would you want to see in a redesign? Anything that would make YOUR experience on better, I want to hear about it. Thanks and happy eating!

Read about the Daisy May’s Big Pig Roast or click here for more great BBQ stories

11 Responses to “Help Make Better!”

  1. Adam Berkowitz said:

    Not advice or anything, just want to let you know how I use the site: I read it in an Rss feed and then take your recommendations and bookmark the places and notes into my yelp account. Don’t know if you have a yelp account or whatever but I love your site and your tips…

  2. Before Sunrise said:

    I’d love to see more regular posts. Maybe you can commit to a weekly or bi-weekly post? That would be great!

  3. scott mandell said:

    hey…you know i never knew what your name was until you put in your email address. how about a bio somewhere?
    i also agree that i’d like to see posts more regularly. that’s part of the reason i like serious eats, because every day something is posted.
    i’m a brooklyn guy and i can only hope that you can find yourself at pizzeria del corso on avenue u sometime soon. it’s that good, and it’s so welcome to us in the neighborhood who are so used to eating pizza that’s “not bad” because that’s all that’s available. i’ve had pizza at company and motorino and i’d say that this ranks right up there with them.

  4. dental lab vibrator said:

    A friend recommended your site to me. Glad he did, as it looks very worthwhile. Looking forward to learning lots here. Vance

  5. stevenp said:

    Lawrence: Just a reminder that I’m still around for Wingquest II or any other food adventures if you want company and another opinion! I’ll volunteer for guest reviews too if you want more content here. (Subject to your editorial review, of course!)

  6. Phil said:

    dude.. did you switch platforms??? i hate to admit it, but this sucks 🙁

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    what don’t you like about the new look? I had to make these changes to incorporate advertising onto my site.
    I’m willing to keep an open mind to any and all changes, this isn’t the final new look so let’s work together to make it better.

  8. The Intelligent Chef said:

    I vote for weekly weigh-ins.

  9. Phil said:

    okay well for starters, please bring back the “recent comments” section. I didn’t realize that you responded to me here, so i wrote on your latest post… but it is starting to grow on me a bit. but def need that comments thing back please!

  10. Phil said:

    also, make the “NYC Food Guy” on the top of the page a link to the homescreen 😀

  11. LocalApple said:

    Lawrence – dude – always enjoy your posts! I remember emailing you about Pequitos – you should do a best burrito joint in nyc – i would love to know which one is your fav. As for the site I enjoy the new look – keep it simple and easy on the eye! 🙂


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