NYC Cookies: Tim Tams Are Finally in the U.S. & We Want Them To Stay!

Date November 17, 2008

Tim Tams are the best packaged cookie NYC Food Guy has ever eaten and now, finally, they’re in the United States at Target Stores.  Imagine chocolate cookies sandwiching silky chocolate creme all dipped in smooth milk chocolate. You’ve never heard of Tim Tams because they’re from Australia.  Ever wonder why Australia seems like a happy place? The answer is Tim Tams.  And now, thanks to Pepperidge Farm, you can find Tim Tams at Target until March 2009.  You need to eat some immediately and then contact Pepperidge Farm to tell them WE WANT TIM TAMS TO STAY!


You can buy Tim Tams in two varieties: Caramel & Chocolate Creme. I opt for the chocolate creme because I find the caramel an unnecessary distraction to the deliciousness of the silky chocolate creme.  You should buy these for the Tim Tam Slam alone.  Pepperidge Farm should put Tim Tam Slam instructions on the box.  But since they don’t, read on…


Tim Tam Slam: Bite off both ends of a Tim Tam and use it as a straw for hot chocolate or coffee. The result is a mess of warm, melty chocolate deliciouness.  Get some now and don’t forget to contact Pepperidge Farm and tell them WE WANT TIM TAMS TO STAY!


65 Responses to “NYC Cookies: Tim Tams Are Finally in the U.S. & We Want Them To Stay!”

  1. Jacky said:

    I love tim tams! I ate like a pack a week when I studied abroad in Australia.

  2. Before Sunrise said:

    I am SO glad there are no Targets near me and that the Tuck Shop isn’t close either, otherwise I’d have bought a packet of each one and I’d be having Tim Tam overdose right now 🙂

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:


    They’re amazing. They’re the best cookies ever! Go get some at Target immediately. Where you living now?

    Before Sunrise,

    Ha Tuck Shop just got 15 cases so if you’re in the hood, stop in for some authentic Tim Tam love.

  4. Before Sunrise said:

    I will Food Guy! I have a feeling they are better than Penguin bars. Seems that way from your description. Will let you know.

  5. Jack said:

    Where is Tuck shop?

  6. Phil said:

    Went down to Tuck shop today ( ) and grabbed a box of the chocolate creme. OH. MY. GOD. 🙂

  7. Maya said:

    I LOVE TimTams! I was doing my usual shopping at Target over the weekend and saw these ‘new’ cookies from Pepperidge Farms on sale – 2 for $5 right now! So I bought one of each variety. They were beyond yummy so I googled them as I was interested to learn more about “Australia’s Favorite Cookie”. They really are a common treat down under. After reading about the Tim Tam Slam on some Aussie site I ran out and bought two more packages. OMG. Heavenly! It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten this wrapped up in a food item. LOL.. Needless to say I hope PF keeps these around in the States for a long time.

  8. Maya said:

    Some Tim Tam recipes:

  9. annulla said:

    OK, I’m a bit baffled. Your post is titled “NYC cookies,” yet it doesn’t say where these cookies are available in Manhattan. Do we have to go to Target (which is a schlepp for me) or can the Tim Tams be found elsewhere?

  10. Niko said:

    Ok, I’ll have to try these cookies then. Are they better than Mallomars? sounds like the cookies have the crunch over others no?

  11. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Before Sunrise,
    What exactly are Penguin bars?

    Tuck Shop is on 1st street b/t 1st and 2nd avenue. Make sure to get a beef meat pie and a lamington and some vanilla slice. if you can only choose one, get vanilla slice, it’s unreal.

    Serious stuff huh? Did you try any of their other desserts?

    Contact Pepperidge Farm from their website and share those sentiments. I want them to stay too.

    annulla ,
    You can only get them at Target or Tuck Shop. Tuck Shop’s on 1st street b/t 1st and 2nd avenue.

  12. Before Sunrise said:

    Food Guy,

    I’d say they are the British equivalent of a Tim Tam. Chocolate biscuits with chocolate cream filling and covered in milk chocolate.

    Seems that Tim Tam Slams are not exclusive to Tim Tams, they are done with Penguins too see the “Penguin Straws” comment in the link below:

  13. The NYC Food Guy said:


    That is a tough question. Mallomars are pretty damn good but a lot of Mallomars’ deliciousness is a credit to the fact that you can only get them during the winter. I mean they’re amazing, don’t get me wrong, but if we ate the everyday I have a feeling they wouldn’t be as good, what would right? This is a tough spot to be in. Tim Tams or Mallomars. I may have to give it to the Mallomars. I mean marshmallow, graham and dark chocolate, they’re freaking awesome. Go try some Tim Tams and let me know what the real dessert expert thinks.

  14. Odd! said:

    Are the Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams identical to the Australian ones? If so, they’re not very good and are somewhat on the expensive side (I guess not for Pepperidge Farm) – too sweet, tasteless, not chocolate-y enough Twix-ripoffs, imo. (The caramel ones – I haven’t tried the other kind).

  15. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Personally, I didn’t like the caramel ones that much either. I didn’t taste the Australian version of those, however. I did compare the chocolate creme in American and Australian version and taste was identical.

    What are some of your other favorite desserts?

  16. flo said:

    these are amazing! i just went and bought 10 packs of these 🙂

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:


    That’s what I like to hear. Are you based in NY? Had you ever heard of Tim Tams before this?

  18. Tony said:

    The last time I was at the Tuck Shop and DUB pies they were all out of Tim Tams, but, that was last month so I was waiting till my trip to Seattle this weekend to get my fix. They have a few places out there that make pies and carry Aussie groceries and I was planning on flying back with a few sleeves of original and a few of Double Coat.

    When my wife and I came back from our second trip to Oz we brought 6 packs of Tim Tams and a few Picnic bars too, but we went through them pretty fast. I couldn’t be happier that they are at Target and I’ve already let Pepperidge farms know that I want them to stay. Now we just need someone to import VB and we’ll be set.

  19. Michelle said:

    I just came across Tim Tams this week and have since ate the entire package of caramel Tim Tams even though I have to admit they weren’t my favorite thing. I just couldn’t bring myself to pitch the package, so I ate around the caramel. I’m usually a big caramel fan but I wont be buying the caramels again, the texture was just really weird.

    However, I am going back to Target to get some original Tim Tams…mmm. I’ve also got to try this Tim Tam slam I’ve read about. It might have actually made the caramel ones better!

    I’ve also done my duty and wrote to Pepperidge Farm and told them to PLEASE keep stocking Tim Tams after March. I don’t usually buy cookies but I’d buy a package a week if they kept these yummy things around.

  20. The NYC Food Guy said:


    What’s VB?


    Right on. As Tony would say, good work out of you. I’m more of a chocolate creme fan than caramel as well.

  21. tony said:

    Food Guy,

    VB is actually what’s Australian for beer, mate. Don’t be fooled by Fosters, as virtually no one in Oz drinks it. The top beers are Toohey’s, Boag’s, Coopers, XXXX and Victoria Bitter or VB which is king. While you can get your hands on Tim Tams, Lamingtons, and a variety of beers there is no way to get VB in the US.

    The story goes that, since Vic Bitter is the real Aussie king of beers and the are owned by the same company that imports Fosters, they decided to pick one to import and stick with it. They feel that by allowing VB in the states it would weekend the sales of Fosters which they have already done years worth of branding for.

    I know the guys at the Tuck Stop and at DUB Pies in Brooklyn have tried to get it brought to the US, but so far no one has been able to make it happen. Maybe you can get something going with your blog to make it happen.

  22. Amy said:

    The Pepperidge farm website says their tim tams are actually manufactured in Australia by Arnott & imported – just packaged & distributed by PF. that’s why they’re exactly the same as the Arnott brand (they both have the same parent company – campbells).

  23. The NYC Food Guy said:

    That’s an interesting story about Foster’s, I had no idea. Sort of the way they don’t really sell Molson Dry in the US even though I thought it was the best Molson I had in Canada. I actually had some great Australian beer recently at a little Australian restuarant called Ruby’s in SoHo. It was called Lucky and it came in a beer shaped like a Buddha. Very tasty. Would you say VB has a similar flavor to Foster’s? Where do you like the meat pies better Tuck Shop or DUB?

    Well there’s our answer. Nice detective work.

  24. Franny said:

    I am dying to try Tim Tams! I went to Target at Atlantic Ave last week and there were none! Has anyone seen them there recently?

  25. dan said:

    IF you have not tried tim tams, go get some now. I just ate some for the first time and they are DAMN GOOD

  26. Steve said:

    You can also find these at World Market stores.

  27. Steve said:

    They are awesome with Milk as well that is how I originally was introduced to them.

  28. Franny said:

    Where’s World Market store? In NYC? I have to go to Target again tomorrow to try to find these Tim Tams! But I have a bad feeling they’re not there! Does anyone have any info on the Target at Atlantic Ave Bklyn?

  29. kimberly said:

    i have tasted the aussie version of these as my australian friends mail them to me all the time however the last 2 they sent me went missing. maybe the postaman ate them!! however i am wondering what these are like…they better be good but i hate the ‘americanized’ packaging

    and they only brought over 2 of the samples??????? what about the double coats? and all the others?

  30. Franny said:

    I bought out Target’s inventory of the chocolate Tim Tams yesterday & did my 1st Tim Tam slam! I have about a year’s worth now & I look forward to buying out their next shipment!

  31. Jeff said:

    My wife just surprised me with a year’s supply. (I saw this blog and told her we need to go to Target right now. And she admitted she had already cleared out the shelves with my upcoming Christmas gift). I add my vote for VB here in DC area, but my wife likes James Squire Ale.

  32. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Glad to see you finally made it to Crif Dogs. It’s one of the best places to eat in the East Village. If you like hot dogs and you like bacon, this is your mecca.

    Check out the NYC Food Guy review & the East Village Food Tour.

    Other things to keep in mind at Crifs:

    Tater Tots
    Chili Cheese Tater Tots – fantastic, artery stopping
    Tsunami Dog – bacon wrapped with pineapple, green onion and teriyaki sauce – odd but delicious
    Temptee Dog – not great, cream cheese with a bacon wrapped dog, I’d skip this one

  33. A Treat for Mom & Dad said:

    […] I’m a little over-enthusiastic? Check out NYC Food Guy’s post. He’s also raving, and calling for positive feedback to Pepperidge Farm. […]

  34. Andrew said:

    They were out of stock at my local Target… I don’t know if that is a bad sign or a good sign for the possibility of them continuing beyond Feb.

  35. alison said:

    OMG I LOVE Tim Tams!!! Do you happen to know if they sell them in Canada?

  36. Noelle said:

    this is amazing….i brought home 3 boxes when i studied abroad in aussie…needless to say they didn’t make it through the 24 hour flight!!!! I have people bring them back for me….

    I am running to target NOW!

  37. Master said:

    Yep…Target and Pepperidge Farm held true to their word. I can no longer find them being sold anymore. Argh!! That’s such a bad tease to release such a good dessert and then take it away…what an injustice!

  38. tutormelbourne said:

    I agree. Go with the original. Saves a lot on shipping them over here.

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    […] unopened box of Ninja Turtles Cereal), your putting food in other people’s stomachs too.  I just hope the next time we see more Tim Tams in the U.S. it’s for longer than 5 months. […]

  40. Mezzo said:

    I heard reports that Wegmans was planning to carry Tim Tams starting mid summer. I got a call this morning from a friend in Virginia at their new store in Fredericksburg saying they do, in fact, have them on their shelves in their international aisle! WOW! I hope they bring them to store near me! I’m hooked on these and need my fix!!!!

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    […] cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the day they appear in U.S. supermarkets.” Well since that day has actually passed, the only place you can find Tam Tams now is Tuck Shop and they’re so serious about this […]

  42. Annoyed said:

    Tim Tam’s are Aussie,why is an american company producing them is what i’d like to know,and yes I’m Aussie,american’s STEAL everything aussie.Leave our Aussie products where they belong……….AUSTRALIA

  43. Brian laughing at Annoyed said:

    Get a life, Annoyed.

    If Australia were to lose all things American, you would have a Dingo and some dust.

    Grow up.

  44. Ron said:


    Arnott’s IS owned by an american company. So the Tim Tams we’ve been buying and enjoying in Oz for decades WERE American! Vegemite is ALSO an american owned company. Allright, time to take the old Holden to Target. Oh wait my holden is owned by General Motors

  45. christina said:

    you can usually get tim tams at the Holyland Market on St Mark’s between 1st and A. they import them from australia via israel to nyc.

  46. Sue said:

    Tim Tams are addicting! My daughter is studying abroad in Quensland and we went to visit her. Before she went, friends told her to make certain she tried the Tim Tams. So when we arrived, of course we took their advice. While vacationing in AU, I must have single handedly consumed two-three boxes of these yummy treats within a 10 day time span. That’s not good when you are on WW.

    Where can we buy Tim Tams on Long island, NY??? I’ve definitely had them here in the past, but do not remember where I bought them.

  47. Anonymous said:

    NYCFoodGuy told me once that Target stores were carrying them (I don’t think they are imported but made through a partnership or some agreement with Pepperidge Farms) and I found a stash in a Target in Syracuse, NY. This WAS last Christmas and I’m not sure how the quality varies (if at all) from the imported Tim Tams.

  48. Caitlin said:

    I love Tim Tams!! I first came across them when I went to Australia with People to People. I was scrounging around for money to buy Tim Tams by the second week!!

  49. Ron said:

    We have a woman in our office from Australia and she brought back 6 packs of Dark Chocalate Tim Tams that we finished in 2 days. They were unbelivable. Keep them coming

  50. aussie said:

    In Australia, a one night stand can be proferred by offering a single pack. They really are a chick thing, and a fat chick thing at that.

    If you want chocolate, buy proper chocolate.. if you wan’t biscuits, buy biscuits.

    They’re just an average choc biscuit. btw, in Aust they’re called biscuits.

    biscuits… have i said it enough times.

  51. Judie said:


    aussie … you are very unAustralian. Chick thing my a**e. Best bickie out. Average? WTF? Your taste buds must need educating.

  52. My Muse & I « Sweet Fancy Muses! said:

    […] having drunk all of my Shiraz and eaten my last TimTam, it’s stumbled out the door on its merry way to parts unknown without so much as a peck on […]

  53. EE said:

    Seems like we can petition them to be imported during Nov-Mar. Though they should also import Kingston Creams (my American hubby is addicted to them).

    And to clarify. Pepperidge Farm is just importing them. Not making them. They are just repackaging them for the states.

    Everything that used to be Aussie owned, Vegemite, TimTams, Holden’s are all owned by Foreign companies. Just be glad they are still made in Aus with high food standards and not substituting with High Fructose Corn Syrup and other crappy substititutes.

  54. Trav said:

    Just bought some Tim Tams at Target Atlantic Ave (double choc and caramel are by the registers), so looks like the petition worked!

  55. L said:

    I have tried both these biscuits and the Arnotts version. They are NOT the same!

    Arnott’s Tim Tams are far better and these are nowhere near suitable.

  56. Joanna said:

    Well, if anyone wants any hit me up and I’ll send a care package.

    There’s the normal chocolate cream, double coat, caramel (yeah i don’t like that one either) dark chocolate, white chocolate (seriously sickenigly sweet)

    The temptations range, black forest, choc hazelnut, creme caramel.

    then there’s the crush ones that have bits of extra cookie in them, that aren’t great for tim tam slams. Choc mint crisp, cookie and cream, honeycomb.

    There used to be some rasperry & vanilla ones i think, like a valentines day thing.

    Wonder what i could charge for these things lol. They’re light as so postage wont cost a lot

  57. ohohmrbill said:

    If I could become the official spokes person for TIM TAms I would do so with pride and honor. I would be the first in USA Television showing us Yanks how Slam the Tim Tam !! I believe this cookie could Unite countries and end all wars over a cup of joe and a Tim tam slam.

    Peperidge Farm failed to educate properly the magic if this cookie.

  58. amelia said:

    I love tim tams, SO MUCH! I have lived in Australia my entier life until a year ago. I currently live in Denmark and they do not have any tim tams. Itw as a huge shock, leaving them behind and i am desperate to eat some! Even though I don’t live in America, i support your cause!

  59. Lynn and Gerry R said:

    We recently moved from Australia to Washington (wife is American)..we loved Tim Tams back home but were stuck with the dreary bikkies they have here in the USA.. We had Tim Tams sent over from Australia…then found them by chance in Fred Meyers…could not believe it..a little bit of OZ …thank you Pepperidge Farm..

  60. Jodie said:

    As an aussie trying to find some timtams in the US to send to a mate and reading your comments Im so proud right now. The timtam slam says bite the end off – i find biting one corner then biting the opposite diaginal corner gets a little bit longer out of the biscuit (please in OZ its a biscuit) just a suggestion. And mallowmars we have an equivilant also if you ever do see them around they are called wagon wheels but its got biscuit in it not crackers so the crunch might not be the same. Anyway glad you all like them 🙂

  61. Anonymous said:

    can you tall me where do you get tim tam slam

  62. Elvish1 said:

    Um, please tell me this is Photoshopped. I’m asking you guys because you own them and could see the label.

  63. Elvish1 said:

    Oh, the picture didn’t copy. Thinking about it now, I’m almost positive it was Photoshopped — the label can NOT actually say that. It was a pretty good photo editing job, though.

  64. JAMIE said:


  65. Catherine said:

    I am am American living permanently in Australia. I have just read an article published in The Australian, a leading newspaper here about Tim Tams. They contain several food additives that are considered dangerous ie. cause cancer and things like hyperactivity in children. Look up E10. E110, and E120 on google, they are all food additives that have been banned in Europe, etc… They are also so calorie dense, think high GI, that one 400 kj biscuit a day could add over 40 lbs to an human adult.

    Eat an Oreo.

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