NYC Cookies: Tim Tams, The Best Packaged Cookies Ever, Have Arrived… in Target!

Date November 14, 2008

And I quote myself from an earlier posting: “[Tim Tams] are by far the best packaged cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the day they appear in U.S. supermarkets.” Well that day is here but the Tim Tams are in Target stores and they’re only available from now until March 2009.


These cookies, called biscuits in Australia, are awesome.  They feature chocolate butter cream between two chocolate cookies all dipped in chocolate.  It tastes like a flaky, chocolate EL Fudge cookie dipped in delicious, silky chocolate.  They’re available in two varieties, Chocolate creme and Caramel, the latter of which I’ve never tried but I hear they’re delicious as well.  These are worth buying alone for the glory of the Tim Tam Slam.  You bite each end of the Tim Tam and then sip a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate through the Tim Tam. The result is a chocolatey mess of deliciousness.


Campbell’s, the soup company, owns Pepperidge Farm and Arnott’s, the maker of Tim Tams.  The Tim Tams will have the same name but appear in Pepperidge Farm packaging.  Get out there and buy these cookies by the crate. Let’s make Campbell’s see why Tim Tams should be in the United States FOREVER! And that’s two exclamation points in this single post, if that doesn’t scream serious, I don’t know what will.

Click Here to Find a Target Near You

7 Responses to “NYC Cookies: Tim Tams, The Best Packaged Cookies Ever, Have Arrived… in Target!”

  1. FN said:

    NYCFG, you don’t know this, but I am a cookie-monster. I cannot keep up with all of this!!! More cookies to try?? NICE!

  2. Chomposaurus said:

    How can you mention the tim tam without talking about the tim-tam-slam: biting off the ends of a tim tam and drinking hot chocolate through it like a straw, thus creating the best warm chocolate goo-cookie you could ever conceive of.

    Everyone should try this immediately.

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I have a feeling you’ll do just fine keeping up. I have faith. What’s next on your eating to do list?


    Brother, you read my mind. I was debating throwing it in there but ended up just putting the post up. Read it all again, you can feel proud that it was you who got the word back out there about the Tim Tam Slam. Hopefully that alone will send some people out there to buy these puppies. Let’s make this happen man, we need Tim Tams forever!

    How’s everything on your end? We need to collaborate on some carnivorous activity soon.

  4. FN said:

    NYCFG, I am still in Paris where is it hard to find good food (yeah, right!) Just posted about a Parisian gelateria.

  5. The NYC Food Guy said:


    How is Paris? What are you doing out there? What’s been the best food you’ve eaten?

  6. alexis said:

    are you sure they are in every target?! if not, can you tell me where you saw them thanx….i love tim tams

  7. tutormelbourne said:

    Does this mean that they have stopped? I have already bought about 12 packs in the last two months. I need to buy a box!!

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