Five Guys Hot Dog: Delicious With Bacon, Cheese & Jalapenos

Date November 7, 2008

Sometimes you just feel like shaking it up. And sometimes you feel like it would be a bit redundant to post another rosy review of Five Guys Burgers. Whatever your motivation is, the next time you’re at Five Guys you too should get a bacon cheese dog. Add some jalapenos, since all toppings after crispy bacon and melted American cheese are free, and get a regular order of Cajun fries.


Five Guys is cool because after filling your Styrofoam cup with fries they’ll pour in a heaping pile of extra fries for free. Dip your fries in malt vinegar, then ketchup. Trust me. All together it will cost you around $11 with a regular drink (free refills) and will make your stomach happy (for a little while).

Five Guys Burgers & Fries Multiple Locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & New Jersey

34 Responses to “Five Guys Hot Dog: Delicious With Bacon, Cheese & Jalapenos”

  1. Jack said:

    Where is this wonderland?

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Three locations in Manhattan…

    55th b/t 5th & 6th

    Bleecker and 7th Avenue

    LaGuardia between Bleecker and Houston

    There are also spots in Park Slope and Bay Ridge. Check out the link at the bottom of the post to find the Five Guys closest to you.

  3. FN said:

    Mmmmmm, bacon….. They should put bacon on everything.

  4. Before Sunrise said:

    I’d kill for one of those right about now…

    Are the fries good?

    Also, am intrigued – I have never seen or heard of an American restaurant serving fries with vinegar, is it more common than I am aware of?

  5. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Before Sunrise,

    The fries are tasty. They’re fried in peanut oil so they’re not terribly greasy. Not to say they’re not greasy at all because they soak through the paper bag they come in pretty quickly. The only thing is, they’re not usually crispy, they’re more fluffy, which is sometimes an issue for me.

    As far as the malt vinegar goes, they have it there as an option. I was turned on to it by a friend and I haven’t turned back since. Generally though, I feel like it’s fairly uncommon.

  6. Midtown Lunch: Finding Lunch in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan » Midtown Links (The “Do You See Yourself In This Photo” Edition) said:

    […] because it’s been awhile… and I know you guys love him) Superman bestows praise on the hot dog at Five Guys [NYC Food […]

  7. Before Sunrise said:

    FG – I didn’t think vinegar with fries would be usual here… It’s a British thing, although there they aren’t used on french fries, but on “chips” which are not crispy at all, they are cut in big chunks and fried and never get to be crispy on the outside (not the ones I’ve had anyway). Seems it’s a commonplace in Canada also, from what I have seen, to have fries with vinegar. I think it’s a great combo when done right.

  8. Whoa said:

    Better than crifdogs? That looks ridiculous…by the way heard there’s a 5 guys opening in binghamton?

  9. davey said:

    French Fries w/ vinegar is a staple at the jersey shore.

  10. Supersized said:

    Anyone know what’s up with the fries and mayo thing? I think that is absolutely filthy. NYCFG would you eat fries with mayo?

  11. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Before Sunrise,

    It is a great combo when done right. I don’t like fries that aren’t even slightly crispy. I love fries and the “chips” you speak of are the least appetizing version. Sorry to the Brits out there.


    Different from Crif Dogs. Crif’s bacon is sometimes pretty fatty, Five Guys was totally crispy. But to Crif Dogs credit, their bacon is wrapped around the dog, really joining the two. Five guys was a much sloppier affair. I think I liked Five Guys actual dog better though, kosher dogs are the best. Binghamton will benefit greatly from the addition of a Five Guys. There are very few good burgers up there. Off the top of my head, I can’t even think of one.


    I was unaware. Do they have a lot of fry stands down there? Where are the best fries you’ve ever had?


    I definitely don’t seek out fries with mayo, ever. But I like mayo and I like fries, if there’s mayo provided and for some reason I’m running low on ketchup, I may switch it up. I won’t however, glop on a healthy dollop of mayo, just a light coating. What are your thoughts?

    In all honesty, I haven’t eaten any memorable sauces, other than ketchup, that I would want to eat with fries. It’s all about the Heinz.

  12. kristen said:

    hehehe i’ve eaten a couple of memorable sauces food guy!! jkjkjk!!

  13. bastardo said:

    with vinegar, sounds like fish `n`chips.

  14. Jack said:

    Oh Kristen

  15. briancur said:

    Food Guy – when I was down on Stone Street last weekend there was this restaurant next to Adrienne’s where patrons were outside eating these ridiculous looking burgers. If I weren’t full of 5 slices of Sicilian from Adrienne’s (which was great) I would have definitely grabbed one of these. Do you know the name of this spot?

  16. The NYC Food Guy said:


    If you’re standing on Stone Street facing Adrienne’s were the burgers to your left or right? If they were on the left, they’re from Ulysses, a popular bar with the Wall Street crowd. If they’re to the right, I’m not sure of the name of that restaurant but will definitely try to find out.

  17. Jack said:

    Hey FG, what happened to the status of new posts on the top right of the main page? I don’t see it anymore.

  18. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Nice catch, its back in action. Thanks for the heads up man.

  19. Jack said:

    Still not seeing it, is it my system?

  20. briancur said:

    FG – facing Adrienne’s, they are to the right.

  21. Phil said:

    I see the recent comments section. Great feature!

  22. foodie said:

    food guy, do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?

  23. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Scrambled all the way. Preferably with some crispy bacon, crispy hash browns and all topped with some cheddar. I could also do some chorizo instead of bacon. How about you?

  24. Orlick said:

    hold up, they split their dogs??

  25. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Food guy, you are correct about scrambled vs. sunny side up. Except I suggest (with respect) the corned beef hash, two poached eggs on top (mush them in for rich deliciousness and to kill the Salmonella), side of hash browns. It’s not really corned beef (see Katz’s and Kensington for REALY CB reviews), but it’s superior breakfast eats. Separates serious breakfast purveyors for the ordinary, ’cause anyone can make an omelet, but few can make good CB hash.

    So far, best corned beef hash is Frederick’s of Great Neck (NOT Hollywood). You city folk, what do you say?


  26. better taste said:

    this food is dogshit

  27. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I’ve only had the dog once and it was split, can’t say for sure whether its done every time but my guess would be yes considering they don’t really mess around at Five Guys and generally everything’s the same.


    Frederick’s huh? The egg creams there are pretty damn good too. Talk about a lost relic.

    Better taste,

    You sound like the single-voice naysayer I heard from back when I first posted on Five Guys. Have you eaten here?

  28. BB_guy said:

    Yep, opening a 5 Guys in Binghamton today, Monday December 15th, 2008. It’s actually in Vestal though, in the University Plaza (Formerly called The Vestal Plaza. It’s in the same location formerly occupied by Salsaritas.

  29. mellissa said:

    briancur and foodguy,

    the name of that burger place is “BURGER BURGER”

    check out their website:

    it’s somewhat overpriced for what you get. i would recommend trying whatever the special is. I had the sliders, and they were pretty much the worst sliders i’ve ever had before.

    give this place a try –
    it’s in midtown west, but it is worth the venture up there. really cheap beer, really awesome burgers, and spectacular fries.

  30. Josh said:

    Serving vinegar with french fries is a local tradition in Maryland and Delaware, particularly near the beach in places such as Ocean City, Maryland.

  31. fred said:

    This hotdog looks incredible..I’m a big fan of hot dogs when they’re sliced down the middle&ike that I don’t know why maybe cause they get a little more welldone. Nice work food guy…what is your cholesterol at if u dot mind my asking?

  32. bbqmackster said:

    and I thought I was the first to have the bacon cheese dog at FG’s. haha!
    Dude, seriously, I just had one two days ago as my new job puts me 1/2 block down from the WV outpost, yikes, could be serious trouble!
    So, bacon cheese dog, slathered with mustard, mayo and jalapenos! it was frickin awesome! I’ve had this with variables of bbq sauce, and A1 too..

  33. tacky66 said:

    I guess I had a bad experience. I had the worse hot dog on a terrible roll. The hot dog was cut in half. It was just horrible. And the hamburgers are overrated. Fries are good but way to salty.

  34. john said:

    Just jalapenos? I’d do all of the above plus fried onions and barbeque sauce!

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