NY Food Tour: Bacon Cheeseburger with Crispy Onions at Goodburger

Date August 19, 2008

NYC Food Guy Note: I’m on vacation in California so I’m sending you on a NY Food Tour to keep your stomach happy while I’m gone. Enjoy the deliciousness.

  • What: While the beef is almost as delicious as Burger Joint‘s, Goodburger offers all the toppings you wish the Burger Joint had. Thanks to Lil NYC Food Guy, I discovered the pleasure of a char-grilled cheeseburger (white & yellow cheddar standard), cooked to order, and covered in crisp bacon and sweet, crispy onions. The toasted bun and shoestring fries are standard, letting the burger take center stage.
  • Cost: $9.00 (Cheeseburger $6.75, Bacon $1.75, Crispy Onions $.50)
  • Where: 4 Locations in Manhattan
  • Website: http://goodburgerny.com/
  • Inside info: The bacon and onions were plentiful but tasted pre-cooked.

22 Responses to “NY Food Tour: Bacon Cheeseburger with Crispy Onions at Goodburger”

  1. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Food Guy, on your recommendation, I went to Goodburger tonight with Emily, my personal NYC food critic. In the words of Jules Winnfield (who?), “This is a tasty burger!” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs1Yuvq6I1w) Juicy, cooked a perfect medium rare as requested, with the right toppings, and the side of onion rings was more than just adequate.

    Also, fast service, very reasonably priced, and my bridge-and-tunnel self got a parking space on the street! Will surely return for more. However, Emily, my NYC food consultant, insists that Shake Shack (Madison Sq Park) is better. I look forward to the Food Guy’s review of that establishment.

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Glad to hear you enjoyed the burger. What did you get on it? I don’t think I’ll be reviewing Shake Shack anytime soon, it doesn’t matter what I say, there will still be hordes of people out there saying its the best in Manhattan. I don’t think it is, I’ll still go to Brooklyn Diner everytime over Shake Shack. They’re completely different types of burgers but I’ve had both and the one that keeps me coming back is BK Diner. We need to have one of those one day. In addition, I will never wait in a line as long as the Shack’s just for a fast food style burger.

  3. five guys sucks said:

    would you wait on line for a shitty overcooked five guys burger???

  4. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Five Guys,

    Leave the Fivers out of this. We’re talking Goodburger here.

  5. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Five Guys: Are you talking to me? ARE YOU TALKIN” TO ME???? Goodburger had no line, wasn’t shitty, nor overcooked. Not at all. None of the above.

    Food Guy, I”ve never been to Shake Shack, nor Brooklyn Diner. Only reporting on what I heard. On your reliable endorsement, I’ll do the Brooklyn next.

    And what’s with that other guy?


  6. five guys sucks said:

    was talkin to nycfg, not you doc.

  7. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    That’s a relief. And for the record, I wouldn’t wait in line for a shitty overcooked ANYTHING. Lines are bad enough.

    Here’s a thought experiment: how long would you wait in line for the guaranteed best burger you ever tasted? I could do an hour- after that, it’s still just a burger.

  8. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Five Guys is not overcooked its just a fast food style burger. If youve ever had a flat griddled burger by choice then you have no reason to not try Five Guys because its better than any fast food style flat griddled burger I’ve ever had. You get unlimited toppings FOR FREE and you get a copious amount of fries just because. Five Guys haters have too much time on their hands. I can understand them not going out of their way for Five Guys if theyre against fast food burgers but if its the only option they can rest easy knowing theyre in good hands.

    If it’s the best burger ever I’d wait up to 3 hours. I’d bring a DVD player and watch a movie.

  9. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Fair enough. And don’t get me wrong: flat and griddled don’t make it shitty in my world. Wouldn’t cross town to get one, but hungry, in the neighborhood, and nothing better in sight, I’m there. But Brooklyn Diner now a higher priority.

    Three hours for a burger, even the best ever? Perhaps you have too much time on your hands.

    Opinion on Jackson Hole? I used to love them, but then I realized it’s just a big steamed meat loaf on a bun, and can’t stand them any more.

  10. J-HOLE said:

    jackson hole is absolutely nauseating and disgusting. i seriously almost threw up while eating a burger from there. meatloaf on a bun is a great description doc

  11. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Thanks, J. Meatloaf is right, except meatloaf has some taste.

  12. Before Sunrise said:

    One more reason to go to Goodburger. They are across the street from my school and I watched a friend eating one yesterday, saying “You HAVE to get one, they’re great.” I will, soon enough.

  13. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Before Sunrise,

    Your friend knows his or her stuff. They are very delicious. What’s your favorite burger in NYC so far?

  14. Before Sunrise said:

    Don’t really have a favourite. I don’t think I’ve been going to the right places! I will definitely have to go to Goodburger very soon. Today I tried to satisfy my burger craving going to Sarabeth’s (was walking by) and what a disappointment. It was well cooked, pink inside, just as I like them, but it had NO TASTE!!! There was no seasoning and I really do not like bland burgers. It was huge though, barely finished it, and expensive 🙁

  15. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Before Sunrise,

    That’s a questionable call on the burger at Sarabeth’s. Which location did you get it at because I can point you to a better burger near each of the three Sarabeth’s locations.

  16. Before Sunrise said:

    UWS… Looking at your site, maybe I should have gone to Harriet’s Kitchen?

  17. ORyan said:

    I’ve been hitting alot of food spots i’ve read about on blogs recently. Goodburger was one of them.

    I got a cheeseburger with lettuce,tomato,onion,and ketchup. I also got fries and onion rings. The burger was good but wasnt outstanding…reminded me of a burger king burger (thats not a bad thing) The fries were also good, but once again nothing spectacular. Overall i wasnt wowed, i would return but i still have yet to have a burger than can top Five Guys

  18. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Goodburger tastes like burger king because it’s flame grilled. Five Guys is made on the flat griddle so it just cooks in its own fat and juices. What do you like better flame grilled or griddled? If you like flame grilled your next stop should be Burger Joint but if you prefer griddled, I strongly recommend you check out Brooklyn Diner’s bacon cheeseburger even though it’s pricey at $17.

    Where else have you eaten lately? What’s impressed? What did you get on your Five Guys burgers?

  19. ORyan said:

    I think Brooklyn Diner is gonna be next on my list, that burger looks really good from the pics.

    When i went to five guys i only got cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and raw onions, and ketchup on my burger.

    Of my recent eats rare bar and grill and pommes frites have impresssed me the most. Also, cafe habana near soho was really good, they are known for their corn appetizer.

  20. The NYC Food Guy said:

    BK Diner is awesome just pricey, but I genuinely feel its worth it, the burger is just that good.

    Next time you hit five guys try bacon, cheese, fried onions and jalapenos. Pretty serious.

    I haven’t had Rare in years. What did you get there? I found the burgers to be a little too fat. I’ve heard good things about Cafe Habana, particularly the corn.

  21. Nick Tsoulos, Owner of Patsy’s, Angelo’s & Goodburger, to Open Mel’s Burger Bar in Mid-June/Early July with Louis’ Lunch-inspired Burger | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Nick Tsoulos, owner of Patsy’s Pizza, NYC Food Guy-favorite Angelo’s Pizza and Goodburger, revealed that he will be opening Mel’s Burger Bar at 2850 Broadway b/t 110-111 Street in […]

  22. Diana said:

    The Cuban at Cafe Habana….ahhhhh. Perfect sandwich! Corn is good too.

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