Amazing Australian Desserts

Date June 6, 2008

Darrell Lea’s “Rocklea Road” combines light, fluffy marshmallow, roasted peanuts and toasted coconut smothered in either dark or milk chocolate. It’s like eating all the best Russell Stovers candys in one bite.

Tim Tams are “Australia’s favorite biscuit”. They’re also by far the best packaged cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the day they appear in U.S. supermarkets.

Originally named after the horse that won the 1958 Kentucky Derby, Tim Tams feature chocolate butter cream between two flaky chocolate biscuits all dipped in milk chocolate.

Arnott’s, the brand that makes Tim Tams, says the chocolate used to make them has been specially developed to give a slightly caramel taste while the cream flavor is a mixture of vanilla, butter and chocolate. I found the flavor slightly reminiscent of a Keebler EL Fudge cookie dipped in deliciously milky, smooth chocolate.

Until they appear in U.S. supermarkets, you can find them at the Tuck Shop, an awesome Australian bake shop which is open until 5AM on weekends (68 East 1st Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue, 212-979-5200). You can also find everything Australian at Everything


It was just one bite of the Rocklea Road’s decadent deliciousness that had my mouth watering for more.

This was brought to me from Australia and I’m now on the hunt for it in the United States. Stay tuned to for updates on the hunt.

26 Responses to “Amazing Australian Desserts”

  1. Quib said:

    mmm those look so good

  2. VeggieGirl said:

    extreme decadence alert!!!! ;0)

  3. L. D. said:

    These desserts look amazing! I can only imagine the how yummy delicious the tim tams are when they melt in your mouth! Whoever brought you these from Australia is very thoughtful to share these with you. Are either of these comparable to anything we have in the States?

  4. david said:

    mmmmmm looks nice haha

  5. Darryl Somers said:


    Glad you like our biscuits. Here is a winning tip from the antipodes:


    First nibble the ends off two diagonally opposite corners, just so you expose the cream filling. Next, grab a nice hot cuppa coffee and use the adapted tim tam like a straw to suck up the coffee. Continue to suck untill you can taste the coffee then quickly shove the caffine laden bicky in your mouth before it starts to disintergrate.

  6. doobybrain said:

    oh my goodness! THANK YOU for showing me where i can get tim tams in NYC! 😀

  7. Dan said:

    TUCK SHOP represent!!

  8. anon said:

    you must must MUST try Darrel Lea’s soft licorice. I spent a semester in Australia and consumes multiple bags a day. The black is classic but the mango is a can’t miss. I’ve found them in various supermarkets around the states…check speciality shops. and enjoy HEAVEN.

  9. anon said:

    p.s. the tim tam slam is awesome with milk too.

  10. Ripe Banana said:

    mmm that tim tam looks so incredible…….

    I bet that would be good for breakfast. What do you think NYCFG?

  11. Filet Mangon said:

    NYCFG – have you ever been to Australia?

  12. Moose said:

    I LOVE Timtams with a passion!!! Tim Tam Slam is awesome 🙂

    They have diff. flavors like mocha and dark chocolate and caramel…. when I went to Australia, I came back with 10 TimTam packages and still wish I had bought more!

    Thank you for the tip I’m going to Tuck Shop NOW!

  13. DocChuck said:

    Are these available in the UK, do you know?

    My wife and I are heading to London soon for our annual trek to Wimbledon. My wife was an excellent tennis player in her youth and we love to do the “strawberrie and cream” thing each summer.

    These treats intrigue me and I would love to sample them, but will not be to NYC for some time.

  14. Jessica said:

    Tim Tams are awesome! You can get them pretty much anywhere there are Aussies.
    The best place would be the Australia Shop in Covent Garden:
    Enjoy your trip, and stock up on Tim Tams, they are VERY addictive.

  15. Bill said:

    Thanks for the info on these. I think I just felt a single tear roll down my cheek when I looked at the picture of the Tim Tams.

  16. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I’ve never had anything close to either of these desserts in the statest but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

    @Darryl Somers,

    I’m all over the Tim Tam slam. I did it with hot coffee and it was ridiculous.


    I’ve heard about the licorice, definitely gonna check it out. Not a black licorice fan though.

    @Ripe & Filet,

    Breakfast Tim Tams? How can you go wrong. Never been to Australia.


    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving that great link. I’m tempted to order a case of Tim Tams. Are you in NY? Have you been to Tuck Shop?


    I’m here for you buddy. Go to Tuck Shop, you’ll love it.

  17. edwardcr said:

    Found your wonderful site entirely by accident. Though how it’s going to help me when I live in Brisbane I just don’t know – I can feel a trip coming on later this year – maybe New England (I’ve always wanted to visit there) and New York??

    Got very excited when I saw your double chocolate Tim Tams image and your comments (I know, I lead a very sheltered life – it doesn’t take much to excite me!!)

    I thought ‘wonderful, I can share the delights of the Tim Tam Slam with you all’ – then found that others have beat me to it!!

    But I haven’t seen anyone else stressing:
    1 The fact that you MUST ONLY buy the Double Chocolate Tim Tams – nothing else will do, or
    2 The dietary effects of Tim Tams – it’s not at all difficult to eat a whole packet in one sitting – so beware!!

  18. Tuck Shop: The Great Aussie Bite « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Tim Tams, Vegemite, Mint Slice, Cheezels and several other Australian goodies can be found in a small glass display case inside Tuck Shop.  You haven’t lived if you’ve never had Tim Tams. […]

  19. Julie said:

    I love a Tim Tam slammer with hot tea, the hot beverage melts the inside….Darryl Lea Rocklea Road is superb and I only wish we could get it here. I dream of it. I haven’t been to Oz for a few years…..

  20. Kat said:

    I’m an Aussie and I had no idea that you didn’t have Tim Tams in the US!!! What is wrong with you guys? lol. They are awesome! I like the dark chocolate ones! I hope you atleast have Mint Slice! What a shame

  21. The NYC Food Guy said:


    We’re in bad shape over here. I only know one place to even get Tim Tams and that’s at the Tuck Shop. Do you like Mint Slice better than Original Tim Tams? What are some other Aussies desserts that we’re missing out on?

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    […] The Best Packaged Cookies Ever, Have Arrived… in Target! And I quote myself from an earlier posting: “[Tim Tams] are by far the best packaged cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the […]

  23. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Love the picture of the Rocklea Road bar. Looks like a greasy turd. Is that what they mean when they say the food is from “Down Under”?

  24. New 2nd Location of “Tuck Shop: The Great Aussie Bite” Soft Opens Wednesday, Two doors from Crif Dogs | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] can look forward to new breakfast and coffee options and lovers of the legendary Australian cookie Tim Tams have even more reason to be excited!  Read on to find out why, plus learn about what else we can […]

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  26. Matt said:

    @Nyc food guy

    I am sure you guys would have it, “Pavolva”. Meringue base covered with whipped cream, sliced banana, sliced kiwi fruit, sliced strawberry and topped with passion fruit pulp…. Yeah I know that New Zealand claim it as theirs, but that is only because it is truly to die for!

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