Jacques Torres Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Rivals Levain?

Date May 30, 2008

What or who could possibly rival Levain’s cookies? Jacques Torres, that’s who. The heralded chocolatetier is selling a dark chocolate chip cookie ($2.50) in his new shop on Amsterdam Avenue near 73rd street, just 50 feet away from Levain Bakery. I have some other delicious secrets that will maximize your enjoyment, so read on.

This cookie is the real deal.

I can only describe it as two thin walls of cookie encasing explosions of the most delicious dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I don’t even like dark chocolate and I was licking my fingers clean as I peeled the cookie apart, layer by layer. It looks so damn delicious because it is fresh off the “cookie warmer”, an electrified baking sheet just behind the counter. Make sure your cookie comes from here, I implore you.

Ice cream cookie sandwiches anyone?

There’s a little freezer in the back of the Upper West Side shop that houses pre-made ice cream cookie sandwiches ($5). It’s two of these cookies with healthy servings of chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, banana, chocolate or several other flavors of ice cream wedged between.

So is it better than Levain’s Chocolate Chip Walnut?

No and so far nothing is. This cookie is too thin and as delicious as the dark chocolate is, it’s very overpowering. The beauty of Levain’s cookie is the balance and the fact that it tastes like your mom could have made it, after injecting her cookies with steroids of course.

Jacques Torres

285 Amsterdam Ave at 73rd St.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 414-2462
Hours: 10AM – 8PM Monday through Thursday, 10AM – 9PM Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 7PM Sunday

24 Responses to “Jacques Torres Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Rivals Levain?”

  1. VeggieGirl said:

    My goodness, that cookie IS the real deal – wowza!! Step aside, Levain cookies ;0)

  2. Pigtrip said:

    Looks pretty good! Did I hear someone say “cookie crawl”?

  3. cookie monster said:

    ME WANT TO GO ON COOKIE-CRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Danny said:

    cookie warmer?! man i have to learn to ask them to warm up the cookie… and yea, we gotta hit up Artichoke sometime soon! Are they open during regular hours now? I walked by once at like 9:30pm and they just said to me, “No pizza right now, come back in 30 minutes.” It was puzzling.

  5. Janine said:

    Those look ridiculously incredible. Next BBQ, will you bring some of those?

  6. Pammeh said:

    Mmmmmmmmmm YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM…I could never get on the Levain bandwagon because I hate nuts in my baked goods (nothing remotely hard except maybe crackly rust should get in the way of carby softness!)…but THIS…this I can do. 🙂

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Gotta love it. I need to see some gooey chocolate action on your site. That banana cake you just put up looks and sounds delicious. The coconut’s a great touch.


    I’m sold. Where are we going? Levain, Jacques Torres, Paradis in East Village. Where else?

    Cookie Monster,

    Be in touch, we’ll let you know. Me want cookie.


    Damn renegade pizzamen playing with no rules. Blasphemous. Only in NY.


    You got it.


    Where’s your favorite cookies?

  8. chiff0nade said:

    I sure hope that cookie tastes better than it looks.

    I don’t think that I would serve anything that looked like that, but then, I am a professional pastry chef.

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:


    What’s wrong with the cookie? It’s definitely delicious otherwise it wouldn’t be on my site. It’s no model of neatness but it’s damn tasty, a true mess of chocolate. Have you seen the Levain cookies? Do these look better to you?

  10. Paradis To Go Chocolate Chip Cookie: Bigger Doesn’t Equal Better « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] NYC Food Guy NYC’s Most Delicious & Affordable Food « Jacques Torres Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Rivals Levain? […]

  11. Blondie said:

    That looks delicious, and it’s not because I have a crush on Jacques Torres. I do believe a cookie crawl is called for.

  12. DocChuck said:

    Anyone who would spend more than .50 on a cookie is mad. By that I mean “insane.”

    I hold several PhD’s — one being in psychology. The urge to spend money on worthless items that have no lasting value can be a clinical symptom of a debilitating mental illness. Unless treated, one’s world can unravel rather painfully.

    My wife and I know this only too well, I am afraid.

  13. Nellie Gatewood said:

    That cookie looks scrumptious!!

    Personally I like thinner cookies.

  14. nineteena said:

    Please excuse my mother Louise (“chiff0nade”) who is once again posting as DocChuck above. As I explained on some other blogs, she has been having trouble with the local police for harassing DocChuck, Sandra Lee on the Food Network, and some other bloggers who she is insanely jealous of.

    Email me and I will explain her problems and how to contact the Clearwater, Florida police, and will provide you with her home address and phone number.

    Nineteena (daughter of Louise, or “chiff0nade”)

  15. DocChuck said:

    I am a retired “educator” currently living in Maryland.

    I do not know any of the parties in the post directly above and resent the suggestion that I do.

    Dr. C. R. T.

  16. nineteena said:

    My grandmother Aida would not approve of Louise’s (chiffonade’s) behavior.

    Although grandmother Aida died in a nursing home of neglect (Louise and my gay uncle refused to pay her bills), Aida was the ONLY person in my life who loved me.

    Louise (chiffonade) my mother did nothing but give me drugs and turn her back when her many “boyfriends” (and FOUR ex-husbands) abused me.

    I’m tired of trying to defend myself against Louise’s (chiff0nade’s) constant harassment . . . just forget it.

    Someone PLEASE make my mother Louise leave me alone.

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:


    What’s this all about? Why are you writing this stuff on my site?

  18. mARY nOYES said:

    Did you say ICE CREAM SAMMIES?


    Love me a sammie made with these beautiful cookies!

  19. DocUpChuck said:

    there’s a reason you’re “retired”….and it might be the same reason your “much younger wife” is banging “much younger dudes” she meets on the internet…

  20. yo food guy said:

    why do you let clown-whores like nineteena continue to post this garbage on your site?

  21. Before Sunrise said:

    Tried this cookie today and as far as chocolate chip cookies go, this is the best one I’ve tried, because it’s light but, most importantly, the chocolate is to die for. I still prefer Levain’s, but if someone asked me to take them somewhere to eat a “classic” chocolate chip cookie, I think I’d take them to Jacques Torres.

  22. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Before Sunrise,

    You said it. If you’re name’s Jacques Torres, you better be able to provide some kick ass chocolate. It is very clean and very pure tasting chocolate and it definitely makes this cookie. The fact that they use the chocolate discs only adds more of this delicious chocolate to every bite. Oh man, I think its time for a cookie.

  23. Jwo said:

    Thank you for the intro to a cookie that may be just the #1 I’m looking for. I haven’t tried yet but can taste simply by staring at the oozing chocolate.

    🙂 your new fan

  24. Morgan said:

    Hey, I read above that you get these Jaque Torres cookies in icecream sandwich form, what place was that at?

    I am going to NYc next weekend and am looking for the BEST desserts to try. I am going to try one of those cookies, I LURVE chocolate, and the more the better! 🙂

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