Chirping Chicken: Simply Delicious

Date May 23, 2008

Everything about Chirping Chicken screams simplicity. From their deliciously moist charbroiled chicken basted in nothing but chicken fat, garlic and salt to their website which displays nothing but their menu, phone number, 77th Street and Amsterdam Avenue address, and the fact that they’re open until 2AM seven days a week.

If you want to be full for under $11, follow my lead:

  1. Half Dark Meat Charbroiled Chicken $6.49 ($7.49 for white meat)

  2. French Fries $2.89

  3. Can of Soda $0.99

This chicken is awesome. The addictive thin, crispy skin covers moist, tender chicken. I’ve eaten here twice and it’s been delicious twice. The fries are standard frozen shoestring and unfortunately the ketchup is some sweet impostor, but regardless, what could be better with greasy charbroiled chicken than fried potato?

What not to get:

The individual meal

Okay so you’re offered salad, pita, and one “hot side” for about $3.00 extra. So why not get it? Well for starters the “hot side” is really “half a hot side”. The salad, a bunch of iceberg and crappy Italian dressing, and the pita, are both weak. I recommend you pay that extra $3.00 for a full side or just get more charbroiled chicken. You’ll feel like Kramer and Newman in the “KRoasters” Seinfeld episode. It’s the only thing truly worth eating here.


I don’t have a photo but I ordered them the first time I ate here and although they were meaty, they were tough and sauceless and the barbecue sauce provided by Chirping Chicken really isn’t good enough to elevate these subpar ribs.

Chirping Chicken

355 Amsterdam Avenue at 77th Street
(212) 787-6631 (212) 724-8029 (212) 787-6645
Open 7 Days a week until 2AM – Free Delivery

9 Responses to “Chirping Chicken: Simply Delicious”

  1. BrooklynQ said:

    Chirping Chicken is great. Except for it’s buffalo wings. They suck. Big time.

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Damn right, Chirping Chicken is effin delicious. Crispy, flame-grilled skin, moist chicken. Stuff dreams are made of. I haven’t had the wings but almost got them, now I definitely won’t. Any other things to steer clear of there? Where else have you had great grilled or bbq chicken? Hill Country’s was pretty good, better than the brisket in my opinion, but not the Kreuz’s sausage. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Chirping Chicken: Best late night meal on Upper West Side? « NYC Food Guy said:

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  4. Poker Ninja said:

    I don’t know which buffalo wings you guys are refering to but the ones I tried weren’t basted in sauce. Instead, they were crispy deep fried with a rich spicey flavor that was perfectly well balanced. In fact, after I tried them, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Everytime I would take a sip of beer or wine, my mind would always run back to the Chirping chicken’s crispy unbasted buffalo wings.

  5. FN said:

    I used to have a buddy from Germany who loved this place. He couldn’t pronounce the name. He called it Charp-Charp Chicken.

    Check out the chicken at Rodeo as well, I think you may like it.

  6. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Right on man. Whatever you call it, Chirping Chicken is delicious.

    Ive been to Rodeo before, had some pulled pork, probably the worst Ive ever had. From the job you did cleaning your plate, it must be good. Either that or you were hungry.

    Sweet blog. Keep up the good work and keep passing over links. Thanks for the love.

  7. What the Cluck? said:

    All good info. But have to add they are affordable, comfortable, convenient and CONSISTENTLY awesome. Here’s the rundown on the must-tries:

    First off…anorexics need not apply. This place is for serious good eats.

    The chicken souvlaki sandwiches are over the top. Tzasiki sauce mixes with the juices of two huge marinated and grilled chicken breasts and plum tomatoes that will make you dream of Mount Olympus. (Mmmmm…I’m callin’ in a delivery order right now!)

    The baked sweet potato is a great nutritious choice

    Speaking of sweet potatoes, do NOT leave without trying their sweet potato fries. Get ’em extra crispy and wave goodbye to idaho russets forever! ROCKIN!

    Burger fans won’t be disappointed either…especially for the reasonable price that gets you all the trimmings for a good price. But do yourself a favor and skip the bun: request your hammy on a pita (oh go ahead — splurge for some queso, sport). Pita burger heaven. And they’ll always throw in a little extra whatever sauce gets you goin. Hit it with some ranch or blue cheese for an LDL KO punch!

    The chicken greek salad combos are all quite good too, but hey, salad.

    The pricier steak, salmon, and grilled shrimp platters are all tasty so I hear, but for my cheap (and fat) ass there’s only one way to go. Where else can you eat like a benevolent dictator for 10 bucks and if ya study the menu, two can squeeze in at under 15. Unreal.

    Time for dessert! Their top-flight tiramisu gives the 3 and 4 star joints a real run for their money. Also the chocolate mousse cake…both drenched in awesome liquours that will get you SERIOUSLY thinking about seconds!

    Wings, onion rings, tenders, nuggets, etc…. skip em. Their just frozen, but there if you want em for the late night grumbles. Ribs? Eh…there’s better value to be had in the chicken department. After all, the place ain’t called rockin rack o ribs.

    And if you’re ordering to go, tip your delivery guy because that poor fella risks his freakin life peddlin his heart out among the cabbies just to get it to ya right off the fire.

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  9. Andy said:

    I concur with you completely on this subject and enjoyed reading your thoughts here in your blog. I have bookmarked your blog and anticipate to visiting again for more.

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