Dinosaur BBQ: Chicken Wing Redux

Date April 7, 2008

NYC Food Guy wants to take a moment to reiterate the deliciousness of Dinosaur BBQ’s Chicken Wings. King of Ketchup noted their supremacy a few months back but I had them this past weekend and they were excellent. Massive, juicy, and doused in tangy, spicy sauce, they alone warrant a trip to Harlem. I recommend the Wango Tango which provides a spice that will make you sweat without overpowering the perfectly charred skin. I implore you to ask for them well done because when cooked right, you’ll understand why man invented fire.

19 Responses to “Dinosaur BBQ: Chicken Wing Redux”

  1. Food Master said:

    Where is the rest of the review? They do look unbelievable from that picture though. Oh man my mouth is watering!!!!!!!

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Food Master-

    There is no rest of the review. I kept it short and sweet because nothing needs to be said, the picture speaks for itself. If you want to read more about the wings check out King of Ketchups story.

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Food Master-

    There is no rest of the review. I kept it short and sweet because nothing needs to be said, the picture speaks for itself. If you want to read more about the wings check out King of Ketchup’s story.

  4. Food Master said:

    Thanks Food Guy. Great review by King of Ketchup. How come he doesn’t write often? I like his style.

    Comparing the wings in the pic from his review with yours, it is no secret that you got yours extra well done. Do you really recommend this? I do like my wings crispy but yours look flat-out burned.

    What other sauces do they offer?

    Do you need to make a reservation to go to Dinosaur? I hear it gets super crowded on the weekends.

  5. stevenp said:

    The ‘burnt’ part is just the carmelized sauce. The chicken itself is not burnt, and just tastes smoky-sweet-spicy. They are as good as they look!!

  6. JESUS said:

    Jesus Christ here….those wings look insanely good. I hope my daddy (God), lets me have some the next time we’re in Harlem

  7. Jonathan said:

    wow so do you even need blue cheese/ranch for those wings? or are they that good that you can eat them sans blue cheese/ranch?

  8. CB28 said:


    What’s your go-to spot for pickles? I simply LOVE pickles 🙂

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Food Master-

    It is pretty crowded all the time, no reall off hours for Dinosaur. You can call for reservations (212-694-1777) or go on opentable.com. Be aware they’re closed Mondays.

    I got mine extra well done but they’re still not as crispy as I would have liked. The previous time my friends had them, they said they were even crispier and that’s when they’re best. The ones I just photographed were by no means burned.

    As far as sauces go you can choose from 4:
    1) MILD Honey Bar-B-Que
    2) HOT Wango Tango
    3) HOTTER Garlic Chipolte 4
    4) HOTTEST Devil’s Duel

    I’ve only had the Mild & Wango Tango, both are excellent.


    You don’t need bleu cheese or ranch but they provide a delicious Maytag Bleu cheese that has a great flavor, I recommend you try some and see if you like it. I personally dipped every wing in it but would have been equally satisfied without a dipping sauce.


    I don’t have a go to pickle spot. Everyone seems to like Gus’s on the LES.

  10. UWS Girl said:

    hmm those wings look like they have lots of meat 🙂

    I love meat! Want to take me there NYC Food Guy?

  11. stevenp said:


    1) Wings are properly served with bleu cheese dressing, and *never* with ranch!

    2) (NYCFG too) The dressing is for dipping the veggies (celery and/or carrot sticks). Wings should not be dipped into the dressing.

    Hey, this is buffalo wing etiquette. I don’t make this stuff up. 😉

  12. stevenp said:

    OK, I’m on a nitpick run today. It’s “chipotle.” There’s no such word as “chipolte” even though many people misspell/mispronounce it that way.

    From somewhere on the internets:

    The word chipotle, which was also sometimes spelled chilpoctle and chilpotle, comes to English originally from the Nahuatl word chilpoctli by way of Mexican Spanish. The Nahuatl word chilpoctli means “smoked chile”, formed from chil (=”chile pepper”) + poctli (=”smoke”).

  13. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Wow. There are a lot of people out there really muffing the buffalo wing etiquette. I’m going to review a bunch of wing spots real soon so keep an eye out. Thanks for the Chipotle lesson. That was copied directly from Dinosaur’s website so you might want to get in touch with them.

  14. Banana man said:

    this site is frickin’ a-mazing!

  15. Bill said:

    I grew up in CNY and wasted many a night at Dinosaur in Syracuse. The Wango Tangos are the best wings I have ever had (and I ate a LOT of Buffalo wings in my day). Every pizza shop in my town had wings and did a respectable job making them. The ones in Harlem are just as good and now I prefer the smoke and grilled to the fried kind and they are usually much meatier than most Buffalo style I’ve had.

    I’ve never thought of NYC as a “wing” town. Are there good Buffalo wings to be had here?

  16. FM Fats said:

    Check out Kid Java’s Rent Party at Dinosaur Friday night, 4/11.

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:

    What’s the party all about?

  18. dudes said:

    its about dudes slathered in bbq sauce

  19. dj said:

    Why are the wings so huge, Who is the chicken wing distributor and should we, the consumer be worried about the possibility of steriods being fed to these Chickens?

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