Wafels & Dinges Truck = Crazy Delicious

Date December 6, 2007

After reading about the Wafels & Dinges Truck on Grub Street last week, I had the miraculous fortune of unintentionally finding the mustard-yellow truck near Lincoln Center last Sunday. The “miraculous” refers to the deliciousness you see below. Let me just say three things: Nutella, whipped cream, and warm cinnamon waffle that tastes like a Cinnabon with the consistency of the finest cinnamon danish….


That’s not just any old wafel as the Belgians apparentley like to call them, it’s a liege wafel, and before I show you any more deliciousness, you’re going to read some first. This is the description on the truck’s menu for the liege wafel. Read it and then tell me you’d rather have a Belgian wafel first:

Liege Wafel ($4)
Chewy, Rich, Flavorful

This is the “other” Belgian wafel, the one Belgians kept secret from the world. Sneaky little Belgians! It’s packed with sugar pearls that bursting into irresistible aromas and caramelized flavors!

Wow. Just wow. Awkward grammar aside, have you ever read anything that sounds more appetizing? Liege comes in two flavors: Vanilla and Cinnamon. After consulting the burly French-speaking order taker, the choice was cinnamon with Nutella, whipped cream, and powdered sugar:


For $6, I consider this one of the better choices I’ve made in my near-24 years of life.

Like Christina Applegate in “Anchorman,” this Cinnamon Liege Wafel with Nutella, whipped cream, and powdered sugar, will take you to Pleasure Town.

It tastes like a hot Cinnabon with the consistency and texture of the best Cinnamon Danish you’ve ever had, airy, yet fibrous and dense all at once, all spread with Nutella and whipped cream.

Check out the texture in these two bites below:


While the truck is off the streets Mondays to re-supply, Tuesday through Friday you can usually find it in SoHo around Broadway b/t Spring and Prince, starting late morning till about 7pm.

Saturdays and Sundays, they usually spread the love to other areas of the city and sometimes Brooklyn. This Saturday (12/8/07), for instance, the truck is headed to Park Slope, check out the web site for more info. Sunday (12/9/07) the truck will be on the UWS on Broadway at 74th street, across from Fairway, starting at 10AM.

Building off the spirit of the “secret” liege wafels, the truck employs a special password which until recently earned you free toppings but will now get you a $1 wafel. You used to be able to find the password in the blog section of their website, but now they’re requiring a little bit of effort, asking hungry patrons to do a bit of research for the password. If you decide to make the effort, just tell them the your answer at the truck and if it’s right you’re in business.


Wafels & Dinges Truck

Email: [email protected]

Phone (646) 257-2592

Mondays – Closed

Tuesday through Friday – Broadway b/t Spring & Prince

Saturday through Sunday – various locations

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