Bleecker Street Pizza: Nonna Maria Making a case for NY’s Best Specialty Slice

Date December 5, 2007

“The Best Specialty Slice in New York”, quite a claim I realize, but the Nonna Maria at Bleecker St. Pizza, with a bed of grated Grande Mozzarella supporting slices of Fresh Mozzarella and large dollops of garlicky, tomatoey Marinara sauce, all sprinkled with top-of-the-line Parmigiano-Reggiano, is a recipe for pizza perfection. That is one good looking pie; steam rising off the hot bubbles of mozzarella and chunks of tomato and garlic.


Terms of the “best” title and a delicious description after the break.

Proclaiming “best” status for a slice of pizza is not easy, but here are the deciding factors:

1) Overall Taste: The combination of superior ingredients and an interestingly flavored crust, which leads us to…

2) Crust: Light, airy, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside; possesses a unique flavor. Sturdy enough to support the weight of the slice without falling apart.

3) Sauce: Superior ingredients, not overly sweet or bitter. Its presence is not overbearing but provides a sometimes subtle, sometimes powerful flavor.

I’m a supporter of the argument that the only true test of a slice joint’s supremacy is their plain slice, which is also delicious at Bleecker Street Pizza (BSP), but it’s no Nonna Maria, a specialty slice that falls into its own category:


What make’s this slice so good is the melding of flavors. Every pie at BSP is dotted with freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. Valued at $14-$15/pound, this cheese is bought in bulk, with one huge wheel running BSP upwards of $1,000. The result is that each pie is sprinkled with at least $8.00 worth of delicious and fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano. The cheese also shows up in the all of the sauces, including the Marinara, a recipe of the owner’s grandmother, whom the Nonna Maria is named after. Whereas a lot of slice joints use generic, grated Parmesan, BSP makes sure that even at the most basic level, their pizza is overflowing with fresh, delicious ingredients. I tasted a little bit of the parm-reggiano; it was slightly firm, slightly sharp, and after a second, it all melted in my mouth. Delicious.

Here’s a shot of their most recent stock of Parm-Reggiano. They slice the wheel into smaller blocks, vacuum seal those pieces, and then grate at least one block a day:


The crust at BSP is very crunchy, and while the flavor is ordinary, it’s not a crust that flourishes on its own. The crust serves the purpose of support, as I referred to in point 2 of the “best” factors, allowing the eater to lift the Nonna Maria by its end crust and not have the slice fold under its own weight:


Led by an inviting plume of smoke you would see in a Tom & Jerry cartoon, my nose first led me to BSP one warm summer morning 4 years ago. The smell of garlic and pizza dough drew me into BSP right as the counter guys were placing a fresh pie of Nonna Maria in the showcase. Two satisfying slices later, I knew I had found a quality spot. BSP now approaches their 4th anniversary in January and the pizza is unchanged; still satisfying, still delicious, still a no nonsense slice joint with some experienced help at the helm:


(From left to right) Dennis, Tony, and Benni will take care of you at BSP. Their favorite slices are the Nonna Maria, the Grandma slice, and the Nonna Maria, respectively.

Speaking of the Grandma Slice, I also recommend it strongly at BSP. Compared to the Nonna Maria, it’s thinner, fluffier, and less crisp. It has a thin layer of olive oil and garlic beneath its blanket of mozzarella and healthy dollop of marinara. It’s one of the better Grandma Slices I’ve had in the city. I’ll be getting a picture up here ASAP.


BSP, on the corner of 7th Ave. & Bleecker St. is in the middle of all the action. Weekends they’re open until 5AM and until 2AM during the week. I know a lot of people who think Joe’s Pizza on Carmine & Bleecker is the best slice you can get after a night on the town, but I beg to differ.

Next time you’re in the West Village, forget about waiting on line at Joe’s and risk getting a small, overcooked slice with generic mozzarella for $2.50. Instead, walk up Bleecker to 7th Avenue and spend the same amount of money on a Nonna Maria, letting your inebriation yield to the intoxicating aromas of garlic, tomato, and Parmigiano-Reggiano wafting together in wisps of pizza goodness.


Bleecker Street Pizza

69 7th Avenue South (map)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-4466

13 Responses to “Bleecker Street Pizza: Nonna Maria Making a case for NY’s Best Specialty Slice”

  1. betazen said:

    Was going to be in the neighborhood after going to Magnolia Bakery. Had to decide between here and John’s. After seeing your review, I’m glad I went here. I had the the Grandma slice and the Nonna Maria slice. They were both delicious. Thanks again but where should I go next!!!!

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I have a review on here for John’s too. I can’t put Bleecker and John’s in the same category. If I was going to get a pie in the W. Village, I’d go to John’s but if I had to wait for more than 10 minutes for a table, I’d pass on it. Eating at John’s is a NY rite of passage similar to Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s, and Patsy’s in Spanish Harlem. It’s just something you need to do.

    BSP, however, is a slice joint, and I’m really glad to hear you went with my recommendations and enjoyed it. They don’t have a great plain slice but the Grandma and Nonna are spot on.

    Next stop for you should be Adrienne’s Pizza Bar in the Financial District. I’ll post a review ASAP. It’s amazing. They make an old fashioned Grandma Pie with 5 cheeses, it’s phenomenal, just very off the beaten path. Let me know if you want more recommendations.

  3. betazen said:

    I’ve read of the few you’ve mentioned but not Adrienne’s. I will have to put it on my list. Thanks!

  4. The NYC Food Guy said:

    What hoods are you looking for more spots in? I can keep naming a bunch, definitely one for every neighborhood. Next spot to hit in West Village should be Pizza 28 brick oven on carmine and bleecker. They make these long thin brick oven pies that are pretty tasty. I found the service to be rude though.

  5. betazen said:

    Sorry for the late reply. I’ve read of the 28 spot. Sometimes during the day, I’m just looking for a slice kinda place, grab and go. So if you could recommend anywhere like that, I’d be most appreciative. Thanks!

  6. The NYC Food Guy said:


    There are so many slice joints in Manhattan but I can generally recommend a spot in every neighborhood here’s a little taste of the west side…

    Upper West Side
    Ceasar’s Palace Pizza on 84th and Amsterdam
    Rigoletto Pizza Columbus b/t 69th & 70th St.
    New Pizza Town Broadway & 77th

    Midtown West
    Bella Napoli 49th off 7th Ave
    Rays on 8th b/t 51st & 52nd
    Lazzara’s on 37th off 7th
    New Pizza Town 7th & 30th
    99 Cent Fresh Pizza 9th Ave & 41st
    Maffei Pizza 6th Ave 22nd st
    New York Pizza Suprema 8th Ave & 31st

    Chelsea/West Village
    Bleecker Street Pizza 7th Ave & Bleecker
    Pizza Box Bleecker off MacDougal
    Joe’s Pizza Carmine & 6th Ave
    J’s Pizza 7th Ave & 16th Street

    How’s that for a start?

  7. DDR said:

    Not a slice joint but Angelo’s in Midtown West is terriffic. Have you been?

  8. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I haven’t but I’ve heard good things. Coal Oven?

  9. pizza, pizza! said:

    NY Pizza Suprema! Starve yourself the day before and go have a regular slice, fresh mozz. with basil, upside down and meat ball roll! The best in the city!

  10. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Pizza, Pizza!,

    Looks like we have a Suprema lover on our hands. I see you like a lot of their stuff, but let’s be honest, if you could only have one more slice at Suprema for the rest of your life, you’d go with the upside down right?

    What’s the meat ball roll? Meatballs, cheese, and sauce?

    Have you had Bleecker Street Pizza? Their grandma slice is excellent.

  11. Bleecker Street Pizza: Excellent Nonna Maria & Grandma Slices « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] before Food Network called it the best in New York. I still think their Nonna Maria is one of the best specialty slices in Manhattan. Pass on their plain slices and instead opt for the Nonna, dotted with dollops of chunky, garlicky […]

  12. NYC Inspired: The Incredible Appetite of Lawrence Weibman, aka NYC Food Guy - March 13, 2014 - said:

    […] Joe’s Pizza and Sal and Carmine’s are my two favorite classic NYC slice joints, and Bleecker Street Pizza’s Nonna Maria slice is my favorite specialty slice in Manhattan. Totonno’s in Coney Island is my favorite pie in […]

  13. Estela Arroyo said:

    I had the previlage of traveling to NYC in Janury 2017. My friend, who used to leave in NYC took me there to taste their famously pizza the Nonna Maria at BSP. There were a lot of people waiting for the next pizza, but I told the gentle there that I had flown from Dallas just to taste the Nonna Maria. Delighted to know that, he assured me that one was in the oven waiting just for me. Thanks BSP. Best pizza ever!!!!

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